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Reggie’s Top 15 Albums of the Year + Honorable Mentions

2015-woodWell, here we are again, another end of year list.  First, big thanks to you for reading and engaging with us.  I have to say, this year’s list is more well-rounded than previous year-end lists.  I guess it is because I continue to get exposed to new bands and others that have been out a while, but are new to me.  Take my #1 for example.  I knew they were out there, but took it took me a while to sit down and have a serious listen.  I am glad I did.  One major difference between this year and my other lists is the (almost) absence of thrash metal bands.  While there are a few, not as much as I would normally have on my list.  Seems as though my taste in progressive based metal is expanding.  I guess it’s time to see for yourself.  Enjoy, and let’s have another great year in metal. Read the rest of this entry

Reggie’s Top 15 of 2015…For Now…In No Particular Order

top-15-iphone-app-development-companies_0Throughout the year, I take all of the albums I like; the ones I think might be Top 15 quality and I put them on a list. In no particular order, they sit until a few months before the end of the year. Then, I start deciding what stays and what goes. Sometimes it’s a tough choice, sometimes I have to listen to a few things again to refresh my memory as to why they were on the list in the first place. But, there is a lot of weeding out, weeding in, and sorting. It’s actually kind of fun and I get to take a break from listening to new things for a short while.

This year, I decided to do a best of (so far) list, just to see where things are going. I haven’t done this before. There have been a small handful of albums that went over well with me and I think they will stay on my list, but overall I have to say that it is not a particularly great year in metal as far as I am concerned. The “wow” factor is just not happening all that much this year…for me. This list is in no particular order. It’s a list of albums I think have the most potential for end-year nods. We do still have a way to go though. Read the rest of this entry

Album Review: Ensiferum – One Man Army

Ensiferum-One-Man-ArmyAlbum:  One Man Army

Label:  Metal Blade

Song:  15 (including four bonus tracks)

Length:  68 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Ensiferum (2001); Iron (2004); Victory Songs (2007); From Afar (2009); Unsung Heroes (2012)

Genre:  Folk Metal

Location:  Finland

I like the opening riff to One Man Army (the song not the album).  It isn’t revolutionary in terms of guitar riffing, but the way it kicks off the song reminds me of early thrash metal; energetic and enthusiastic.  Take away the folk elements from this song and its core is pure speed/thrash metal.  Before you dismiss Ensiferum’s One Man Army (the album) as just another niche folk metal album, think again. Yes, you will hear all of the fundamentals of a folk metal album, but if you take the time to peel away the layers you’ll hear there is more buried between the swords, spears, and pre-battle hymns than you might expect.  And I will say this…the folk parts seem much more tame compared to older albums.

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Metal Meets Yoga

cropped-mudra-sans-faceIn the last couple of months I picked up this thing called yoga.  You might have heard of it.  That thing where you do strength and flexibility poses and it’s supposed to make you strong, limber, and cleansed in the mind and body.  Ask a yogi and they will probably give you a more philosophical answer to what yoga does for a body.  In layman’s terms, all I can tell you is that I feel freakin’ good when it’s over.  I am getting more flexible and stress-free and that’s kind of important at my ripe old age of 40.  I attribute my progress specifically to my twice-weekly sessions.  See, only twice a week and I have come so far.  Who says they don’t have time for this?  Anyway.  When it’s over, I feel like all I need is a shower and a bed – I feel so relaxed.  Something must be working and I found that I am starting to “need” these yoga sessions twice a week.  It’s kind of addicting. Read the rest of this entry

Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #7- Lady in Black covered by Ensiferum

grim_reaperOne classic rock band I always felt were always grossly underrated were the gents in Uriah Heep.  They did find a nice chunk of commercial success during the 1970s with their first wave of records including Salisbury, Return to Fantasy, and their most celebrated album Demons and Wizards.  But somehow, probably due to the general public’s shift towards a more ‘modern’ sound that pervaded the 80s, the band kind of fell off the map even though they continued to release stellar records.  Fortunately the countries of Northern Europe never gave up on the band and they continue to thrive selling out arena shows in that region allowing the band to continue producing records so us in other parts of the world could be graced by their proggy sounds.

Being Finnish and incorporating elements of heroism, pub style sing-a-longs, and fantasy into their music it’s pretty obvious that the popularity of Uriah Heep in Ensiferum’s region played a nice part in helping shape the bands sound.  And as most bands do with the artists that influenced them, a cover was sure to be done.  Taking one of Uriah Heep’s biggest hits, Ensiferum transformed the folk ballad about the Lady of Death (depending on how you want to interpret the lyrics, as the clever way they are written, different cultures will find many different meanings to the song) into one hell of a raging metal song.  Keeping that original feel of “Lady in Black” in tact along with all of its infectious harmonies and memorable progressions, the extra punch of metal transforms a somber yet punchy little ditty into a song of raging heroism.  Enjoy (and check out some Uriah Heep if you dig on some classic rock and haven’t done so already, you won’t be disappointed)!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Ensiferum Version:

Original Uriah Heep Version:

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Reggie’s Top 15 of 2012

2012Just when I thought 2011 was a banner year for metal, I think 2012 might be equal to or better in terms of both quality music and sheer volume of albums released.  It surely was not a dull moment if you ask me; it seemed like I was listening to at least a couple new albums each week.  Interestingly, I can probably look at half my list and tell you that some of these albums, I had no idea were coming.  They completely snuck on me or I never expected them like Kreator…a band I nearly forgot about came out with a killer album.  The band at #15 I never knew existed until just a few weeks ago and I am still impressed with them.  There are definitely some surprises on my list this year.  Some of these bands have been around for years and I am only now getting into them. I hope you had a great 2012 in metal!  Here are my Top 15 albums of 2012.

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21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #10 – Deathbringer From The Sky (Ensiferum)

High above the ground
Beyond the thunderclouds
A Black shade is flying alone
Once so feared among men
Now the legend is becoming too old
But finally the horrifying truth is about to unfold…

I like the story-telling in Ensiferum’s music.  I have to thank my blog parter (atleastimhousebroken) for getting me into this band.  I have thoroughly enjoyed their folk-metal stylings.  Today’s #11 is Deathbringer From The Sky which appears on the album Victory Songs released in 2007.  A very consistent band, Ensiferum is all about telling cool stories of which, this particular song could apply to end of the world prophecies.  I can’t believe we are down to 10 days already.  I guess I should start looking into a song for when (if) we wake up on the 22nd.  Enjoy and happy 12/12/12.

Reggie’ Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #50-46

As we journey down the path to my number 1 favorite album of all time, you will more than likely see some classic metal albums.  Many of these albums have been my favorites for years while some are relatively new….only came into my life in the last couple of years.  This all-time list is an ongoing effort started by our friends at The History of Metal page on facebook.  Each day we list another album until we get to the end which should take us just up to the end of the year.  Below is my next list of five as we near our way to the top.

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Album Reviews: Unsung Heroes by Ensiferum

One thing I really appreciate in music is when a band uses an album title that really fits with what is contained on the record.  Such is the case with Ensiferum’s new release, Unsung Heroes.  Throughout all of Ensiferum’s previous releases my favorite tracks off each album weren’t when they turned the speed dial to 11 and galloped forth with abandon.  It was when they slowed down a bit to a mid to fast-mid pace and really took their time to let their killer melodies sink in.  Songs like “The Wanderer” off of Victory Songs or “Smoking Ruins” off of From Afar only came as a few on each record, but always shined as the unsung heroes on their respective albums amid all of the blistering quality songs surrounding them.  While there are some classic, lightning speed tunes on Unsung Heroes there is also a definite homage paid to those mid paced, anthemic songs that really made their past albums stand out.

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Video of the Week: In My Sword I Trust

As if I couldn’t get hyped enough for the upcoming Ensiferum record, Unsung Heroes, which is scheduled to be in my hands on August 27th, they go and release a cool video packed with an abundance of headbanging and more LARPing than a D&D convention.  Oh, and the song itself is quite kick ass too!  They are pretty much doing what Ensiferum does best; epic soundscapes, huge guitars, sing-a-long choral vocals, and plenty of heavy to keep the neck thrashing from start to finish.  Check it out!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Making of video: