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Roundtable Review: Run with the Wolf by Drakkar

Drakkar coverLabel: My Kingdom Music

Release Date: March 16th, 2015

Songs: 10 + 5 Bonus Tracks

Genre: Power Metal

Studio Albums: Quest for Glory, Razorblade God, When Lightning Strikes

Location: Milan, Italy

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Tales From Bandcamp: When Lightning Strikes by Drakkar

Click to go to the Bandcamp pageLast year there was one power metal release that really caught my ear.  Drakkar’s When Lightning Strikes was a thorough dose of soaring guitars, melodic vocals, and all round powerful power metal all tied together with a neat sci-fi narrative.  What I really liked about the record was that it had all those fun sensibilities I love about power metal but was able to maintain a mature and modern tone and not come of hammy.  To keep things short I’ll just link my review of the album here if you would like something more in-depth to read about the album.  I also did an interview with band founder and guitarist Dario Beretta and you can read that here.  But, if anything, what you should really do is click on the play button below and give When Lightning Strikes a listen.  Let us know what you though.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Best of the Rest: Honorable Mentions of 2012

bestof2012Making my Top 15 Albums of 2012 list this year was a bit daunting.  There were so many records I heard, and many of the excellent and well deserving of a bit of extra attention.  Being as I am, I felt guilty for leaving some of them off, so here I will present, in no particular order other than random, a good handful of albums that came out during 2012 that I enjoyed and feel that you lovely readers should give a listen to.  Check ’em out and enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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An Interview with Dario of Drakkar

After a near ten-year hiatus of releasing full length records Italian power metal band Drakkar have come back in full force with the release of When Lightning Strikes.  Complete with a rocking sci-fi narrative the record delivers on every aspect.  I was able to catch up with founder and guitarist Dario Beretta and ask him a few questions about the past, present, and future.  Check out the interview, and if you have yet to do so, dig into some Drakkar, they kick some major ass!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Album Review: When Lightning Strikes by Drakkar

I love power metal.  I love Italy.  I love science fiction and fantasy.  And I love me some concept albums.  So when I checked my inbox and saw that an Italian power metal band have released a science fiction concept album and name dropped my perennial favorite power metal band Rhapsody as a contemporary, well, let’s just say I got a bit excited.  I dove into Drakkar‘s new album with high hope that it would be a kick ass record.  And I’m happy to say I was not let down.  When Lightning Strikes is a huge and bombastic slab of balls to the wall power metal chock full of soaring guitars, plenty of memorable moments, and enough depth to warrant multiple listens.  Hell, I’ve only had it in my possession for a bit over 24 hours and it’s gotten about 5 spins so far and rising.

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