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Videos of the Week: When I Lost My Bet & The Cloak

Here’s a pair of really neat videos you should feel obligated to check out because they are both awesome.

First up is “When I Lost My Bet”, the new video from Dillinger Escape Plan.  If entrails and bloody gloryholes make you squeamish, you may just want to listen to the audio.  For the rest of us, this is a really will directed and unique video that really captures the bat shit craziness of DEP perfectly.  Check it out!

And second up we have the first video from the upcoming Leprous album Coal for the tune “The Cloak”.  This video is damn great with the focus on simplicity really let the dark atmosphere drive the visuals home.  I also like that it fits perfectly with the album title and the visuals meld wonderfully with the song to create a wholly engaging experience.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!


Song of the Week- Caffeine

So, as of right now I’m currently listening to the soundtrack to the film The Solitude of Prime Numbers which was scored entirely by one of my all time favorite musical artists Mike Patton (if anyone is interested, a review will be popping up soon).  I feel a Mike Patton kick coming up soon.

For some, Mr. Patton’s work may be a bit on the ‘too weird side’ of the musical spectrum (even for me at times), but no one can deny that the man has ‘mad’ vocal skills and quite an artistic vision.  Of the myriad of bands and projects he’s a part of, the most accessible and the one he’s most famous for is Faith No More who hit it huge in the early 90’s with the smash hit “Epic”.  Throughout the band’s existence they released 4 albums with Mike Patton before calling it quits (they did get together a few years ago and did a reunion tour for fun and never ruled out that FNM would never tour again in the future 🙂 ).  I realized that I don’t talk about one of my all time favorite artists enough here on Metal State, so to rectify that err, this week’s song of the week, “Caffeine” comes off my personal favorite FNM album Angel Dust (I feel a backtrack coming up).  Enjoy and let us know what your favorite Mike Patton songs and projects are!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Bonus Song

While NJ metal band Dillinger Escape Plan was in between singers the rest of the band hooked up with Mike Patton to release a 4 song E.P. entitled Irony is a Dead Scene which had 3 original songs on it and a cover of Aphex Twin‘s “Come to Daddy”.  Needless to say, in the 20 minutes or so the E.P. ran, it was non-stop insanity.  I really wished that Mike Patton stuck around with the band a bit more and did a full album with them, well, one can hope for the future.  Here’s my favorite song off that collaboration “When Good Dogs Do Bad Things”.  Enjoy!!