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Video of the Week: Carnifex – Die Without Hope

Carnifex are known for many things including hectic tour schedules, brutal live performances and, of course, quality deathcore. Their new label, Nuclear Blast, released the title song, “Die Without Hope”, yesterday to promote the band’s new album. Die Without Hope was released in March. It is Carnifex’s fifth album, and their first since 2011.

I’ve mentioned previously that my favourite music videos are the ones that show the band in action without actors and props to perform the storyline of the song. This video nicely displays the most appealing aspects of Carnifex, such as blistering drumwork, solid rhythm, superior guitar solos and melodic keyboards. All that plus the uncompromising delivery by Scott Lewis, one of the best baritone dark vocalists in the business, adds up to a pretty cool video package.





Album Review: Carnifex – Die Without Hope

Carnifex-Die-Without-HopeCarnifex is one of those bands that I kept hearing about, but never took the time to check out.  I couldn’t honestly tell you how many times this has happened in my life.  It seems there is an endless pit of metal bands out there and I will never have the time to check them all out.  Baby steps, I guess.  This baby step led me in the direction of the latest Carnifex album, Die Without Hope.  Now, when I hear a band for the first time that I probably should have been hearing about already, I usually end up with one of two conclusions. First is damn, I have been missing out on good shit. Second is well, no love lost and I move on.  In this case, Carnifex is the first conclusion…I am kicking myself for not checking them out earlier.

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