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Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs #17 – Am I Evil?

metallica-creeping-death-single-cover-300x300I have always liked the cover of Diamond Head’s Am I Evil? Metallica did a great job with it; I first heard it as the B-side of Metallica’s Creeping Death single released by Music For Nations in 1984.  I can’t remember how I came across that cassette (might have been in the used section of my favorite record store), but if I had it today it might be a bit of a collector’s item.  Blitzkrieg was also on that single and I am pretty sure I wore it out.

I was one of a fortunate few 60K+ fans who got to see the Big Four for their first UK performance at Knebworth in 2011.  It was a great experience and of course a super bonus to see the mega-collaboration of Am I Evil?  The biggest upset of the day was that I never got to see Diamond Head open the set.  The line to get in was quite long and I only got to hear them as we were trying to get in.  At any rate, you can tell from the versions below, Metallica stayed true to the original and after thinking about it, probably deserves to be higher on the list than where it sits today.

Here is the live version from the Big Four at Knebworth.  You will notice not only the Big Four members, but also a member of Exodus, Sepultura, and Diamond Head for a total of seven different bands.

Here is the original recorded by Diamond Head on their debut 1980 album Lightning to the Nations.

Big Four, Knebworth, U.K. – Concert Review

The Big Four finally made it to the United Kingdom and I was one of the lucky one’s that got to be part of such a historic metal experience.  The weather was perfect (except a bit windy) and the set lists were fantastic.

The Sonisphere crowd was ready to rock…obviously having skipped whatever they had to skip to be there early on a Friday afternoon.  By the time Anthrax hit the stage it was packed.  The people of England and all those that travelled here wanted to hear the Big Four!  Fans let their presence be known.  The Big Four unleashed unto England the true power of thrash.  Let’s get this review going and talk about the bands.

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Sonisphere Festival Update – 23 Feb 11

The Sonisphere festival on 8-10 July is just outside London on the UK portion of the tour.  Another weekend of metal to be enjoyed by many…typically around 55-60K.  The promoters like to keep it fairly small as to make the festival enjoyable for all.  Since the last update there have been several new entries; nothing along the lines of Download, but a few recognizable bands were added to the festival.  The new additions are: (sorry if I repeat anything from the last post)

Diamond Head



Protest The Hero

Kids in Glass Houses


Gojira – Nice to see a French metal act play in England

Limp Bizkit – Why oh Why?

One Minute Silence

The Sisters of Mercy

For this post I ask the same question I asked for the Download lineup.  If you had to pick a day based on what is confirmed now which day would it be?

Friday is Metallica headlining with Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Diamond Head

Saturday is Biffy Clyro headlining with Weezer

Sunday is Slipknot headlining with Limp Bizkit

All other bands have yet to be placed on a stage or a specific day.  My pick is obvious…Friday.   I grew up with the Big Four so that is a no brainer for me.  But before the Big Four was announced, it was going to be Sunday for Slipknot.  I am going to this Festival…on the Friday.

P.S. for my non-metal side I would love to see Weezer.  Sorry guys you are on the wrong day.