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Album Review: DevilDriver – Trust No One

devildriver_trustnooneWhen Dez Fafara announced DevilDriver was going on hiatus back in 2014, I felt it was the end of the band.  Long-time band members were dropping off the roster like flies while Dez’s other band, Coal Chamber, was making a momentous comeback. I was beginning to think Winer Kills was the last album we’d see from DevilDriver.  But, that was not the case.  With Mike Spreitzer being the remaining musician with any sort of tenure, they recruited Austin D’Amond, Neil Tiemann, and a bassist (Diego Ibarra – listed as touring bassist) and began working on new material in 2015.  It was a short-lived hiatus and for DevilDriver fans, it’s a good thing because Trust No One takes DevilDriver in a slightly different direction than we are used to.

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Album Review: DevilDriver – Winter Kills

DevilDriver-Winter-Kills-300x300If DevilDriver were a baseball player, they would be the dependable hitter the crowd goes wild for in clutch situations.  They nail the walk-off double in the bottom of the 9th inning.  For those that not know baseball, instead think of DevilDriver as the little engine that could and did; or the dependable postman stepping through a foot of snow to deliver your Amazon package.  They are the focused pilot landing a fighter on an aircraft carrier in the dark, in the fog, in the rain, in the wind, while using night vision.  DevilDriver is unwavering, dependable, and consistent.  Whether DevilDriver has a stellar groove laden album (DevilDriver) or a fierce, chaotic album (Pray for Villains), there is always a constant with DevilDriver and that is their ability to deliver.  Winter Kills, their sixth album, is no exception.  They have signed, sealed, and delivered an album that is more focused on the groove they established themselves with.  I won’t say it’s a return to roots, but perhaps the fresh start on the new label Napalm gave them a bit more freedom.

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Reggie’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #80-76

Continuing on with our Top 100 list at The History of Metal, I bring you my next five with a little bit of justification.  If you haven’t checked out The History of Metal or THOM as we call it, please do it’s a cool forum to talk about and share metal.  The page creator does a great job as keeping topics fresh and he also takes the time to pose challenges to the group; Top 100 Albums being one of them.  I think the best part of this whole challenge besides getting to see everyone else’s choices is to reminisce about why I love these albums so much.  It gets me listening to some of these I haven’t heard in a while.  Not to mention, seeing everyone elses favorites gets me to explore some things I haven’t heard yet.  Enjoy!

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Concert Review: Download Festival (Sunday Only)

Another Download Festival came and went…this year marking the 10th anniversary of the famed UK metal festival.  Here is my review of my one-day pass for Sunday, 10 Jun 2012 with Black Sabbath headlining and closing the event.   Before I talk about my day I want to note that this is most likely my last Download Festival for the foreseeable future.  Later this year I will move back to the United States and if this is in fact the last Download Festival I ever see, I honestly couldn’t have asked for more out of a one-day ticket.  The icing on the cake was the fact that it was sunny.

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Video of the Week – Loco

As most of you are probably aware, Dez Fafara of DevilDriver used to sing in a band called Coal Chamber. I remember those days fondly and even saw Coal Chamber twice live. They were a good live show to say the least. Their videos are definitely quite unique; more than just standard unimaginative live sets. I came across this one for Loco which was off their self-titled album. I thought I would leave you with something interesting for your video of the week. I hope you have a great weekend.

Reggie’s (Plantera7’s) Top 15 Albums of 2011

To me, 2011 was a great year for metal. September, in particular, was a busy month and full of quality releases. The following list is my personal Top 15 for the year with a brief explanation for each. I hope you had a great 2011. I look forward to another year of concerts, awesome metal albums, and more importantly chatting with you about everything metal!

If you are surpised to see that a particular band you like didn’t make my list, it might just be that I didn’t get a chance to listen to that album, such as Moonsorrow for example.  I just never got it, but I see it on many blogger’s lists.  I wish I had all the time in the world to sample new stuff, but taking into consideration where I am now compared to about 4 years ago…my horizons have been seriously broadened and I owe that to fellow bloggers (especially Matt) and readers who post about the bands they like.  Thank you for tuning in this year.  We look forward to a new and exciting 2012 in metal!

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Concert Review – Machine Head – London, 3 Dec 11

It was a hungry crowd at London’s Wembley Arena on 3 Dec 2011.  Metal is what they wanted and metal is what they got.  Machine Head with special guests Darkest Hour, DevilDriver, and Bring Me The Horizon brought an old and new style of metal to the London audience.  Some of it was highly appreciated and some of it wasn’t.  I will get to that later.  I was happy to be part of the experience, though my ear drums are paying for it today and probably for the next few days.  It was one of the loudest shows I have experienced in the last several years.

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Themed Thursday – The Ties That Bind

This week, I am going to explore relationships within heavy metal.  This is about how metal bands are basically tied together like a long list of cousins; some you know and some you don’t.  Each metal band, in its own right, is not very far removed the metal band down the street.  Starting with one of my Top-10 favorite bands, Machine Head, we’ll see how interconnected the metal world is.  Ever heard of 6-degrees to Kevin Bacon?  This is where this Themed Thursday is going.

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Theme Thursday – Drumming

The heavy metal drummer is the official timekeeper of the band.  Often taking a back seat (literally) to the glitz and glam of the lead singer and guitarists, the drummer has perhaps the most difficult job…especially in metal.  First of all, they have to use all four limbs in rapid succession.  They must also use said limbs in an orderly fashion of some sort both of which require countless hours of practice and dedication.  An indirect benefit of being a drummer is that they get to A.  Sit down on the job and B. get a cardio-intense workout while sitting down on the job.

I wanted to take a Theme Thursday and focus some time and energy on the dude (or chick) sitting at the back of the stage somewhat perched up higher than the rest of the band.  Some drummers are well known for their drumming while others just drum and that’s cool too.  Some metal drummers have made a name for themselves in the business  so I wanted to take some time to recognize them, but also note some drummers that you may have not heard of that deserve some recognition.

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Video of the Week – Shock the Monkey

Before there was DevilDriver, Dez Fafara was in an up and coming metal band called Coal Chamber.  They made it a few albums before they dissolved and Dez moved on to the more harsh and thrash metal band DevilDriver.  Something great rose up from those Coal Chamber ashes.  Coal Chamber was different and somewhat quirky, but could still hit hard on many of their songs.

Shock the Monkey is a cover of the original track recorded by Peter Gabriel.  I thought it was a pretty good cover and as I was scrolling through my playlist I realized I rarely ever mentioned Coal Chamber.  Not that I want them back, I do like DevilDriver.  But Coal Chamber sure did carve out their own personality in metal.  So here is Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey covered by Coal Chamber.  Have a great weekend.