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Reggie’s August (2016) Roundup

Continuing with what I think will be my regular review format (short and sweet), it’s time to discuss what I was spinning in  August; a variety of interesting things to say the least.  In fact, I was quite pleased with everything I took the time to listen to.  It may be worth mentioning though, that I will not just post only what was released in the last month, but also what was new to me even if it was released months ago. Or even years ago…

downloadCarnifex – Slow Death / Death Metal / Deathcore – Released on 5 Aug 2016 by Napalm Records

A solid dose of brutal riffs.  What more can I say?  Carnifex carnage continues.  There are no ballads on this album!  3.5 out of 5  Read the rest of this entry

Sonic Cathedral’s Top Female-Fronted Albums of 2014


Sonic Cathedral is the top website for news and reviews focused exclusively on female-fronted bands. That’s my honest opinion. Femme metal and associated modern FF genres have become hugely popular this century. No group of writers has better relations with the women of rock and metal than SC. No website publishes as much honest and deserved admiration for  the great female artists, their music and their gigantic crusade against gender prejudice in metal.

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Album Review: Delain – We Are The Others

What started out as a side project or a collaboration venture has blossomed into something with a truly solid foundation. We Are The Others is Delain’s 3rd studio album and epitomizes what the Dutch band is all about.  Their previous efforts featured numerous guest musicians and vocalists, but We Are The Others demonstrates that Delain has solidified themselves a comparable Symphonic metal band without assistance; guest appearances on We Are The Others is limited to one song.   After several lineup changes over the years, the only remaining member since the band’s inception is founder Martijn Westerholt formerly a member of another Dutch Symphonic metal band Within Temptation.  Vocalist Charlotte Wessels has been with Delain since 2005 and continues to flourish as one of metal’s leading ladies.

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Monday Metal Madness – Dutch Symphonic Metal

Looks like Pantera lovers like Vulgar Display of Power equally.  There was a four-way tie between A New Level, Fucking Hostile, This Love, and Regular People (Conceit).

I apologize for my delay this week for the Monday poll.  I had to make the transition from old laptop to new laptop with little notice.  It’s such a pain in the butt moving files…well, you know the drill!  It’s time consuming, but I am about 90% back to where my life was before my 5-year old laptop decided to stop working. Five laptop years must be like 96 in human years.

This week I am looking at Dutch (Netherlands) symphonic metal bands.  There are two that I know of who happen to be quite similar.  I am talking about Within Temptation and Delain.  The founding member of Delain used to be in Within Temptation, so that might have something to do with their similarities.  It’s up to you to decide which one you like the most.  If you want to vote for which one has a better looking vocalist, that is completely up to you.  It’s still a tough vote no matter how you look at it.  Good luck!

Theme Thursday – The Women of Metal

For many moons men were the dominant gene fronting some of the most brutal and sometimes most haunting metal bands.  This is still true as men outnumber women as front-men (front-people, singers, vocalists).  Women, now more than ever, are taking the lead role and doing a damn good job maintaining the feel of a metal band, but with (usually) heart-piercing vocals.  The other end of that spectrum are bands like Arch Enemy and Kittie whose female vocalists kick you where the pain shoots to your stomach and paralyzes you for a while (men know what I am talking about).

It’s time these women get their own theme of the week at A Metal State of Mind.  Let it be known that women and metal unite and kick ass.  Here are just a few of the many bands out there with women leading from the front.  If you know of any others that kick-ass and take names, let us know.

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Song of the Week – April Rain – 4 May 11

If you like Nightwish and Within Temptation then it could be safe to assume you would like Delain.  They are in the same ballpark with their clear and crisp female singers and rhythmic European melodies.  Delain hails from the Netherlands and are making a name for themselves in the metal scene around Europe.  Originally, Delain was intended to be a project until they solidified themselves as a permanent band. Since then they have been touring and playing the major festivals.  They have a new single for the song Smalltown Boy which means a new album should be following in the coming months.  So why choose Delain for the song of the week?  Well, I have been listening to it while going for a run during the hours of darkness.  And Charlotte has a sweet voice.  So here it is.

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