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Reggie’s (Plantera7’s) Favorite Videos of 2012

FilmAfter looking at my top 10 favorite videos of the year, I can imagine I missed out on so many cool videos.  Since seeking out videos on YouTube is pretty much my only avenue for visually stimulating music, I miss out on quite a bit due to lack of time.  If the could only be extended a couple more hours…

The other best avenue for checking out cool videos is through you readers, bloggers, and friends on facebook or other blog sites and I thank you for opening my eyes each year to so many awesome bands.   Below is a list of videos I thought were cool enough to make my top 10 for 2012.  I will keep my commentary short and let the videos do the talking because that’s what they are supposed to do.  And if you watch these videos and understand the meaning behind the music, then the video served its purpose.  I do have one exception and I will explain that one when I get to it at #5.

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Song of the Week – Darkness Within

What can I say about a song that is just bad-ass?  How about…it’s really bad-ass!  Darkness Within comes off Machine Head’s Unto The Locust, the awesomely awesome follow-up to the stellar The Blackening album.  The song is powerful and the imagery in the video will probably piss off some individuals and/or groups, but that’s probably why it’s such a good video.  There is some dark imagery and visuals in the video, but that matches the feel of the song, so great job to the director.  As of this post, there is no video on YouTube just yet, so you have to catch it at this link.  Have a great day!

Update 3 Aug 2012…It’s on YouTube, so here it is.