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Monday Madness: Competitive Multiplayer Games

So, today I feel like doing something a little different with the weekly poll.  Instead of something metal related like I should be doing I’m going to take it in my other favorite direction, video games.  In particular competitive multiplayer games.  Since the advent of video games playing along with a buddy has always been a big part of gaming, and for me meeting lots of friends and getting to know them better through gaming.  Whether we are bouncing a square ball back and forth in pong, having a little fisticuffs in Tekken, tossing the pigskin in Madden (or better NFL 2K), or racing toe-to-toe in Burnout competing against a friend or even a random person is always a good time and (almost) always presents a better challenge than going up against a computer.

For the sake of the poll I’ll keep it with the popular modern competitive genres: FPS (C.O.D, Halo, Team Fortress), 3rd Person Shooter (GTA, Red Dead Redemption), Racing (Burnout, Need for Speed),Sports (Madden, NBA 2K), RTS (Starcraft, Warhammer), 4X (Civilization, Rome: Total War), Fighting (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat), MMOPVP (World of Warcraft PVP, Guild Wars), Music (Guitar Hero, Rock Band), or Leaderboard games (Super Meat Boy, anything with a highscore leaderboard).

To keep some form of metal in this if you would be so awesome as to make a comment on what you voted for and let everybody know what your favorite metal band or type of metal you like to listen to while your pwning noobs.  I’ll go first.  I’m a big fan of RTS games, especially online.  To me, no other game genre will put your brain into overdrive like having to manage your economy on the fly setting up a macro strategy and preparing for how you will commence your attack plan while having to keep a strong defense in mind.  The big rush really comes from when I start with my attack pushes having to focus on what all my attack units are doing as well as keeping my economy upkeep rolling at the same time (building new units, tweaking my strategy to what will work best for the current and hopefully next situation, etc).  While my mind, mouse, and keyboard are going a million miles a second I need some more mellow music to keep me level, but at the same time I like a little brutality too.  Post metal, in particular Isis and Neurosis, always finds its way onto my music player when I fire up a good RTS.