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Video of the Week: Cockroach King by Haken

Fact: Muppets make anything more awesome.  Fact: Queen is an awesome band and Bohemian Rhapsody is an awesome video.  Fact: Haken’s new single “Cockroach King” is prog metal awesomeness.

What happens when you mix all these awesome facts together?  You get one of the most awesome videos you will ever see.  I really can’t see how Haken could have visually represented “Cockroach King” any better and the nods to Queen are just too cool.  Give it a watch along with their other super trippy video for “Pareidolia”.  Both are off their new album The Mountain which in super quick review format (full review coming soon…ish) is a must for any self-appriciating fan of anything prog and if you don’t check it out you should feel ashamed of yourself.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!