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Seasonal Diversion: Christmas Triple-Play

No smiling dayThe photograph on the left is there to let you know that this set of songs can’t possibly offend anyone because I don’t think they’re at all amusing. The only reason I posted them was to annoy myself. I get these masochistic impulses every now and then. Right now it’s more now than then because it wasn’t funny then, and now it isn’t funny either.

Oh, and one more thing: Metal┬ánever takes the piss out of anything. It is deadly serious about its commitment to blossoms and sunshine and happy picnics with “Kumbaya” floating in the background.

Having unset the mood, let’s unset it again with my favourite Christmas song that is not metal in any possible way and very few impossible ways.

To continue with the proceedings we have something special for the guy who never laughs about anything except making you miserable. He’s very much like every politician you can think of. I suspect he actually is all of them in a mash-up, but not as self-centred.

How could I, a mammal, not end this sermon on a mammalian note? This video is just sick. Literally. I refuse to confess that I just about hosed myself at this one. That would be admitting that I am coarse and vulgar.