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Lots of free music? Of course you want some!


Here are links to five different metal compilations from three different labels, all FREE to download. They include bands like Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Skyharbor, Devin Townsend, Extol, Misery Signals and many more. It would be stupid to not take advantage of this opportunity to check out some new bands or just get free songs. Basick Records, for example, is my favourite label and they have some excellent progressive/tech/core bands. I hope you find something to your liking too!

Century Media Records

Facedown Records

Basick Records


Song of the Week – Plagues of Babylon

You know, I never really liked Iced Earth until Stu Block joined the band.  I am sure that is going to make some people squirm a bit, but it’s true.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dystopia and if I remember correctly, it made my Top 15 the year it was released.  Their new album, Plagues of Babylon, is set for release 6 Jan 2014 in Europe and 7 Jan in the U.S.  This self-titled song has been out for a few weeks and gives us a decent sample of what is to come.  It does sound a bit like Iron Maiden half way through the song which is not surprising.  Dark City off of Dystopia had a similar vibe.  Based on this one song, looks like Iced Earth may very well be on heavy rotation in my music library in 2014.  Iced Earth is on tour now in Europe until December and will resume another (headlining) European tour until late Feb 2014.  Enjoy!

Moonsorrow For All!!!

Today it was announced that Finnish heathen metal band Moonsorrow would now find their home at Century Media Records.  While I tend not to care often as which band is signed to what label, but the news of Moonsorrow and their new label is something to get excited about, especially if you live outside of Europe.

While I thoroughly enjoy Moonsorrow‘s previous label’s, Spinefarm, roster of amazing Northern European artists, I have to say they do a horrible job in the promotion and distribution of their bands (their website doesn’t even work 😦 ).  Finding CDs from the label, which does have quite a few big names on it such as Ensiferum and Soen, is a rather difficult venture even for one who lives in Europe.  For Americans and others, finding a CD by their artists is next to impossible.  They really do need to rework some things within the company (like getting on Bandcamp for example) if they’d like to survive.

Anyways, now that Moonsorrow is on a more intercontinental friendly label that means the rest of the world can get their hands on their music without having to pay exuberant import costs and the word of such an amazing band can get around much easier.  If you have yet to listen to these guys, do so.  I think I’ve peddled their wares plenty on the site, and won’t let up until the whole world knows the Epicness of Moonsorrow.  I’m hoping for the first release on the new label to be a long-awaited live album.  A brand spankin’ new record would be pretty righteous too.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

MOONSORROW, and Century Media Records are proud to announce a worldwide deal. The band comments: “MOONSORROW are thrilled to start working with Century Media, a label that is home to many fellow artists already! We never make our music half way or with compromises and we know our art is in good hands with people who have the same mentality in running a record label. Now, after a year since the release of our last album we are ready to begin creating something new. The new chapter in this epic journey of MOONSORROW!”

Jens Prueter, Head Of A&R at Century Media Europe: “I followed MOONSORROW since their early days and I’m very proud to welcome them now to Century Media Records. They’ll be in good family along with their countrymen Finntroll , Turisas and Insomnium. Two of the band members already have some history with us: Henri Sorvali is also part of Finntroll (even if he rarely plays live with any band) and Marko Tarvonen once moved from drums to guitar in the overlooked Death Metal allstar band Chaosbreed, who released an album that is as ‘brutal’ as its title.
Much has been said about the dark soul of Finnish Metal. A sound that is hard to copy for any non-domestic band. A sound out of endless woods, deepest sorrow and epic majesty. MOONSORROW are probably the most epic of all Finnish bands, not only because most of their songs are over 10 minutes long (sometimes even over 30 minutes), but mainly because they are able to tell stories that are older than written culture. You can follow them even if you don’t understand a single Finnish word. MOONSORROW are able to take you on journey through heathen times. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who can’t wait for the next chapter.”