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Best of the Rest: Honorable Mentions of 2012

bestof2012Making my Top 15 Albums of 2012 list this year was a bit daunting.  There were so many records I heard, and many of the excellent and well deserving of a bit of extra attention.  Being as I am, I felt guilty for leaving some of them off, so here I will present, in no particular order other than random, a good handful of albums that came out during 2012 that I enjoyed and feel that you lovely readers should give a listen to.  Check ’em out and enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Album Review – Centimani – Ægaeon

I enjoy me some Death Metal here and there.  The driving and groove based riffs a rhythm section that just pops.  The guttural vocals get the blood pumping and all together it’s a style of music that really gets my adrenaline running at full speed.  Unfortunately, it is a style of music I can take in small doses before the initial adrenaline rush wears off and it starts to bore me and everything starts to sound the same.  A similar thing could be said about Black Metal.  Chaotic and raw riffing and drumming combined with the alien vocal stylings intrigue me.  The often occult lyrical themes mixed with synthesizer, piano, violin, or what-have-you soundscapes really create a mystical atmosphere which draws me to the music.  But like Death Metal it’s a style that has its trappings that turn me off from listening to for extended periods of time.  So, what if a band where to take the best elements of the 2 styles of music, combine them, and add a couple twists here and there?  Would it hold my interest for multiple listening sessions?  Many have tried, but few have truly succeeded and I’m happy to tell you that the band and album I’ll be talking about today is one of the few who have succeeded.  Meet Centimani and their debut album Ægaeon.

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