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Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #12- War Pigs covered by Cake

war Grooms CakeOutside of the all the metal and hard rock I listen to, one band that I completely love is Cake.  Between their funky grooves and vocalist John McCrea’s charisma laden monotone singing style they come off to me as one of the most original and fun bands from that quirky period of the mid-90s who are still kicking some ass today (saw them live last year for the 3rd time and damn do they still kick some ass).  Cake is also tasty and not a lie.  You may have also noticed I have a some love for Black Sabbath who rest in the top 1% of my all time favorite bands.  So the idea of mixing some Sabbath with a hefty serving of Cake would be sure to intrigue me, and lo and behold, their cover of the classic tune “War Pigs” is nothing but awesome.

Basically its the song done Cake style, but I’ll be damned if it don’t sound great with those big fat bass lines and trumpeter Vince DiFiore adding a well of spice to the song.  The addition of the Hammond and the occasional group “huah”s give this version a really great bite too.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Cake Version:

Original Black Sabbath Version:

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And because I just happen to be talking about Cake covers I really dig and I have the B-Sides and Rarities album “War Pigs” is on spinning, I’d thought I’d post a totally un-metal song/cover I completely love.  And yes, I’m a big Muppets fan and good luck getting “Mahna Mahna” unstuck from your head.

Theme Thursday – Fan Videos II

Many of our blog posts here at A Metal State of Mind are backed by links to videos on YouTube.  We do that so you have something to reference to.  It also helps spread the word about new and exiting music and even bring back memories of years past.  In the process of seeking appropriate videos to accompany our posts, we come across some pretty cool videos created by fans.

This Themed Thursday is dedicated to fans that make their own interpretation of a song.  I am posting some of them here because I think they are either well done, represent the song well, or just pretty cool.  Plus, if you haven’t heard of any of these bands, you might want to explore them even further, though these bands represented with this post are not so obscure.  This is a part II of sorts from an article Matt did a while back on atleastimhousebroken.  You can check that original post here.

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Matt’s(Atleastimhousebroken) Favorite Concerts of 2011

2011 was yet another great year for concerts both in metal and outside the realm.  I feel blessed living in Milan with the vast majority of artists making this Italian metropolis their main Italian stop on their tours and usually that stop is just a couple of metro stops away from my home.  Can’t beat that.  Here are a handful of the concerts I went to this year that really stuck out as awesome shows in no particular order.  Now onward to 2012 and looking forward to more great shows(Dream Theater and Gods of Metal(Black Sabbath and Opeth!!!!!) tickets purchased, so can’t wait!!).  Enjoy and let us know what your favorite concerts this year were!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Helloween/Stratovarius:  These two bands made a great show filled with a night of top-notch Power Metal.  Even though he was coming off of a sickness Stratovarius’ Timo Kotipello put on a great vocal performance and the rest of the band was electric, especially their new guitarist who blew me away with his skill and stage presence.  Helloween headlined and proved why they are lauded as the kings of Power Metal.  Their setlist was great mix of new and old with a really cool medley of Keeper of the Seven Keys songs and a great performance of “I Want Out” with lots of crowd interaction.  If either of these bands pass your way check them out, they’re tons of fun.

Rhapsody of Fire:  A couple of weeks after the Helloween/Stratovarius show I was able to catch Italian Fantasy Cheese Power Metal live for the first time and the last time with both Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli sharing the stage together.  Their live show is as big as their recorded sound and was special that they played a couple of their songs in Italian for the Italian crowd(and the audience all knew the words).  Fabio Leone really stood out as his voice was wonderful that evening nailing the high power metal notes, the deep operatic sounds, and ripping apart the occasional Black Metal rasps(“Reign of Chaos” FTW).

Bon Jovi: Believe it or not I’m a born and bred Jersey boy and I have never been to a Bon Jovi concert before.  Well, since they are my wife’s all time favorite band I got to surprise her with tickets to see them in Udine, Italy.  Boy, does that man know how to put on a great show.  Bon Jovi’s stage presence is unmatched and the energy he puts into the show is immeasurable.  The stage was gigantic with 2 jumbotrons on each side and one jumbo-jumbotron in the center showing live footage and all kinds of video to match the songs.  The crowd was impressive as well as the 40,000 at the sold out soccer arena sung louder than Bon Jovi could through the P.A.  My ears are still ringing from “You Give Love a Bad Name”.  If you ever get a chance to see Bon Jovi live do not turn it down, they are some of the best in the game hands down and put on a top-notch concert and will be worth every penny.

Cake: I went to a couple non-metal shows this year, but it was CA’s Cake that stuck out the most for me.  Coming home from work one evening my neighbors(who have a great band called Selton whom you should check out, especially if you like stuff like The Beatles and surf rock) were heading out to see them and invited me any my wife along, boy am I glad we took them up on the offer.  The venue was outdoors and it was a beautiful evening out and Cake put on such a fun concert playing for over 2 hours with new songs and old ones.  The crowd was in great spirits and everyone was dancing around(even me?!?!).  John McCrea is a great frontman and for as monotone his voice is he has great personality and kept everyone moving and full of smiles.  Cake is also the first and only band I know of that has had a horticulture quiz during a concert with a sapling as a prize, huge win in my book!!

Opeth:  I know I said that I will not number these, but, I’m cheating.  Opeth was hands down the best concert of the year as my first concert experience with them, and they blew me away.  They played a growl free set to match with the mood of Heritage killed it.  Never again will I miss Opeth when they come my way, there is a reason that they are one of the most popular current metal bands out there right now.  Pain of Salvation opened and also put on a great set and I’m looking forward to seeing them when they head out on a headlining tour.  Check out my review of the show if you want 😉

Concert Review – Cake

It’s time to step outside the confines of the steel container (AKA “the Box”) on this review.  On Monday, 14th November, I treated my wife (and myself) to an evening with Cake at the Roundhouse in London.  Although Cake wouldn’t be classified as “metal” I am posting this because, well, it’s okay to step outside the box once in a while and do something un-metal-like.  Besides, Cake is fun!

One of the great benefits of being a metalhead and living in England is the plethora of concert opportunities I can choose from.   Since A Metal State of Mind is a blog of all things metal, I rarely ever blog about music that isn’t metal even though I do like nonmetal music.  Metal is just my preferred genre.

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State of the Music Address.

Why would you waste your money on shit?  When it comes to music it probably happens far too often.  Here is an interesting tidbit on where the music industry stands today.  Ever heard of a band called Cake?  Well, my friends, Cake’s newest release was the #1 album this week (in America).  Cake!  Not a Metallica, Taylor Swift, nor a Snoop Dogg caliber band/artist, but Cake!  A little quirky fun band from Sacramento, California. 

Now I know Cake’s music pretty well. I have two of their CDs, they play great at parties…fun, fairly neutral for a varied audience.  They are quirky and catchy, but this week Cake’s new release debuted at #1.  That is quite an accomplishment.  Cake has a niche market.  I don’t even think Cake started with the intention of taking the world by storm,yet they are #1 this week.  Interestingly enough, they made #1 with the record lowest sales ever for a #1 album (about 44,000 copies sold).   What does that say about the music industry today?

I think Cake got incredibly lucky to release an album during a week when no other major act released an album.  But also, consumers are starting not to care anymore.  Why is that?  Because music sucks these days.  Why do you think the #1 one band this week only sold 44,000 copies?