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Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain

CannibalCorpse-ASkeletalDomain-300x300I have been sitting here trying to think of an approach to review Cannibal Corpse’s new album, A Skeletal Domain, their 13th studio album since 1990.  I mean when you take a band that churns out speedy riffs and ruthless death metal album after album, what words can I use to describe the brutal consistency of the band?  I guess if there is one thing Cannibal Corpse has going for themselves is their stability with their lineup; it’s been the same since 2005.  As much as apprentice members can breathe new life into a band, having the same members for a long period can allow a band to grow together and become a leader in their genre; the example to emulate.  This is where Cannibal Corpse stands out among their peers. Read the rest of this entry


Video of the Week – Seeing Red

IHate is a project from death metal veteran Chris Barnes.  I don’t think Six feet Under is going by the wayside, IHate is a new project of violent death metal that seems to me to be a bit more brutal than the groovy Six Feet Under tunes we have come to know over the years.  Check it out for yourself.  Just a b it of a disclaimer…this video graphically represents death metal nicely.

Video Of The Week: Wormed – Tautochrone

I found Wormed’s new album a while ago and the first time I listened to it I started to laugh because it sounded so (brilliantly) ridiculous. The music is very technical and brutal while also being fun as hell and the vocals are unlike anything I’ve heard before. It could be a frog singing, or maybe an ancient caveman. Or did Darth Vader join a metal band and suffered from a throat infection during the recording of the album? Whatever it is, it does not sound human, which just adds to the fun. I love these guys and their catchy brutality. Try this song and let me know what you think!