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Song of the Week: Brutai – Relapse

BrutaiTo date, Brutai have only one EP, the self-titled “Brutai” released last year. Since forming in 2008, however, the band has caught the attention and won hearty approval from the cognoscenti in melodic, modern and djent progressive metal… and most deservedly so, in my Mammalian opinion.

This coming weekend Brutai will be playing on the main stage at Euroblast in Cologne. They’ll be playing to the die-hard fans of big names including TesseracT, Sikth and Animals As Leaders. Based on their previous live performances and the audience reception, they’ll add to the acclaim they’ve already won.

Brutai have timed the released of a lyric video to coincide with Euroblast. “Relapse” will be on their forthcoming album. This song is tasty enough to make me want that album.

The current line-up is Felix Lawrie on vocals and guitars, Henry Ryan on guitars, Michael Crouchman on bass, and new members Alex Lorimer (keys and backing vocals) and Mathieu Bauer (drums). You can follow the band on Facebook. “Relapse” is available as a free download at Freelease and Bandcamp. You can also get the “Brutai” EP from Bandcamp.


Video Of The Week: Brutai – Flood

Smooth, groovy and edgy; here’s the video for the track  ‘Flood’ written and performed by the very promising upcoming band Brutai. Works well to brighten up a rainy day like this one!

The video was made by a group of young students at The Brit School in London. Brutai’s EP can be found here.

Song Of The Week: Brutai – Never Change (free download)

This place is always empty
This place is always hard to breathe in
And it will never change
These moments lived without concern
To take our lies when will they learn”

The London-based band Brutai (review of their EP here) released a new single last week and it’s certainly worth a couple of minutes of your time. They have that special something in their groovy music, that I can’t put my finger on, but it makes me come back for more. Maybe it’s the interesting twists in the songs, the tone in the vocalist’s voice, the underlying melodies or just how they implement great variation into a single song. ‘Never Change’ is a track that reveals more and more things every time you listen to it and I’m pretty sure it won’t take long before you’re hooked on this band as well. Enjoy!

Stream and Free Download:

EP Review: Brutai – Brutai


This should come with a warning-sticker that says “highly addictive music”.

A good friend of mine has been saying lots of positive things about the five tracks on this EP, and after a couple of spins I have to say he’s right. This is an impressive collection of groovy songs with a progressive and modern sound, which should appeal to fans of classic heavy metal just as much as it will to people that prefer newer styles. It’s slightly reminiscent of both Symphony X and Iced Earth, with heavy, hard-hitting music and melodic singing, but Brutai also mixes in elements of metalcore and progressive death metal, which gives a nice edgy feel to their songs.

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