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Song of the Week: Sky Chariots

One band I feel that is criminally underrated is this sludgy, nwobhm-ish, prog metal band called The Lord Weird Slough Feg.  Maybe it was lack of publicity or their name that made people not take notice, cause I’m sure that if one would take a couple minutes to listen to them, the music certainly isn’t anything that would turn any metal fan sour.  Anywho, someone over at Metal Blade Records has finally given this long-running, storied band a shot to gain some more fans by signing them to their label.  One of the best parts other than even more people will be able to enjoy Slough Feg, is that Metal Blade is re-releasing 3 of the bands earlier albums all done up with some cool packaging and a shiny new coat of remastering.  A 3 CD boxset will be released on Feb. 5, 2013 and will contain Twilight of the Idols (1999), Down Among The Deadmen (2000) and Traveller (2003).  Of the 3 I have Traveller, and can attest that is a damn fine record.  The other 2 I am looking forward to hearing, especially after hearing the single track that Metal Blade has released.  “Sky Chariots” is simply damn fine heavy metal and should appease nearly all metal fans of all colors.  Check the tune out, get excited for this neat box set re-release, and get even more excited for the fact that a new Slough Feg record is most likely coming out pretty soon.  You can do some backtracking into the bands ginormous back catalog while you wait.  Enjoy!!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!