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Got an Hour to Kill?

Americana blues rockers Clutch passed around a multi-camera recording of one of their live shows from 1996 on their Facebook today.  It has great sound and video quality (a little blurry from the VHS recording, but it equals some of the better bootlegs that were being passed around at the time.  Remember that, actually passing around a VHS tape from friend to friend and all taking turns making copies by hooking up 2 VCRs together, or was it just me?).  The setlist is composed of songs from their earlier E.P.s such as Impetus up to their now classic self-titled album, which was released around the time this recording was taken.

It’s cool to see how far Clutch have come since their earlier days.  Their heavier sound, a beardless Neil Fallon, and all the members looking all young like.  It’s cool that this is the line-up the band has stuck with over their long and still going career, you can tell these guys really have chemistry together.  Watching these guys live is always awesome.  Along with playing their current album’s material they veer off onto metal/blues jams and just have fun on stage.  I like how in this video you can see/hear how some of their jams that eventually turned into full on album songs.  They also never play the same setlist at a show twice, Neil Fallon had said that before every show they “pretty much pick their setlists songs out of a hat.”  Anyways, got some time to kill, check out this awesome set and revel in the awesomeness of Clutch. Peace Love and Metal!!!