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Album Review: High Country by The Sword

The Sword High Country Album CoverSome bands evolve, some metamorphose.   If you look at a butterfly you can still see the remnants of the shriveled caterpillar body still hanging around but for the most part the entirety is changed after a brief cocooning period.  Unlike evolution where the change takes place over a huge period of time and many key features are still kept in tact, metamorphosis yields something quite different from its original and the process of change is quite abrupt.  You could say a band like Opeth evolved into the prog rock powerhouse they are today slightly changing it up album after album.  And Clutch took metamorphosis path when they injected some gospel/blues rock into their sludge metal sound on their self-titled sophomore record (the cocoon phase) and then fully embraced it on their third album, The Elephant Riders, where the metal edge was heavily toned down but still had a glaring presence.  With both bands, if you listen to their latest in contrast with their earliest works, they are almost completely different bands but still maintain their cores.  Metamorphosis is, however, a much more pronounced change.  For their fifth full length album, High Country, The Sword have metamorphosed into something quite different from their sludgy doom metal beginnings.

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Album Review: Furyon – Lost Salvation


As much as I love complicated rhythms, odd time signatures, blast beats, deathly growls, and other wild riffs and things; sometimes I like music that doesn’t have any of that.  There are numerous bands fitting for what I am talking about, but a standout among the newcomers of the music world is Furyon.  From the southern UK comes the latest album Lost Salvation, the sophomore effort from these classic hard rockers. Read the rest of this entry

Mammal’s Merry Memories: Juicy Lucy – Pretty Woman (1970)

There seems to be a growing flood of retro-rock albums recently, with new bands doing the old classic, blues and psychedelic rock in a 21st-century style. Now bear in mind that I’m a retro-Mammal, a throwback to about the Miocene Era that began approximately 23 million years ago. I was there in the age of throwing rocks and fighting off sabre-tooths when bands started playing that classic stuff. I not only enjoy lots of the modern retro-music, I love much of its grandparent music too.

Juicy Lucy was a British-American blues rock band that started in 1969. Their album I like the most is Lie Back And Enjoy It, which included this song. If you’re expecting a cover of the Roy Orbison “Pretty Woman”, this ain’t it.


Mammal’s Merry Memories: George Thorogood – Bad to the Bone (1982)

Good, it’s still yesterday over there, so I can post this as my Saturday memory. George Thorogood played the type of Southern blues rock that later added flavour to stoner rock and metal. This song wasn’t an initial hit. It made its impact after featuring on MTV and being used in the sound tracks of many movies and TV shows. Now, 32 years later, it still rawks as much as it ever did.

George Thorogood is a baby. I’m 15 days older than him.


New videos for the open-minded

MetalheadWe’ve received a pleasing mix of new music videos in the last couple of weeks. I’ll post them in batches. They feature cool music in a variety of genres and many creative visual approaches.

Here are four for today, with more to come this week.


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Song of the Week: Animal Farm

Many know Clutch for their bluesy Americana hard rock sound that they have been putting forth for over ten years now.  But, back in their beginnings they used to be a much harder edged band incorporating hefty amounts of hardcore into their blues laden music.  Let’s take a trip back to their breakthrough fan favorite self titled album released back 1995 (I can’t believe I just wrote ‘back in 1995’, I feel old).  While strong elements of their heavy metal jam band style was really starting to shine through on this record, they still dished out some hard-hitting tracks.

“Animal Farm” is one of the heaviest songs on the record and features some clever and insightful political lyrics that still hold weight today.  I like how they also cleverly titled the song Animal Farm, making reference to George Orwell’s classic book of the same name.  I came across a cool typography video when grabbing the audio for this song that I think drives the point home of this tune, give it a watch.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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