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Reggie’s August (2016) Roundup

Continuing with what I think will be my regular review format (short and sweet), it’s time to discuss what I was spinning in  August; a variety of interesting things to say the least.  In fact, I was quite pleased with everything I took the time to listen to.  It may be worth mentioning though, that I will not just post only what was released in the last month, but also what was new to me even if it was released months ago. Or even years ago…

downloadCarnifex – Slow Death / Death Metal / Deathcore – Released on 5 Aug 2016 by Napalm Records

A solid dose of brutal riffs.  What more can I say?  Carnifex carnage continues.  There are no ballads on this album!  3.5 out of 5  Read the rest of this entry


Reggie’s Top 15 Albums of 2013

Black Bomb A, Olympic (Nantes) 17/11/2006Initially, I was going to limit my best of 2013 list to just my top 10.  My reasoning was to make my list as tight as I could only highlighting the very best of what moved me during the year.  After looking back at how many albums I listened to or was exposed to, that number hovered around 270 albums.  So, I decided to expand my list to the same standard as previous years. Despite increasing my list to 15, it still only highlights about 5% of all the albums that graced my ear drums this year.  So, what I present to you for the year 2013 my top 15, plus five more honorable mentions that will be posted in the vicinity of this list.

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Album Review: Biffy Clyro – Opposites

biffy-clyro-oppositesI first became aware of the Scottish experience known as Biffy Clyro when they were selected to headline one of the nights at Sonisphere UK.  I think it was 2010, but that little detail isn’t really important.  I thought who the hell are they?  There was actually a lot of backlash in chat forums about them playing.  I heard a couple songs and thought they were pretty good.  Ultimately, I agree Biffy Clyro was probably not the best choice to headline a metal festival, but I don’t get paid to make those decisions.  So, I bought their most recent album at the time, Only Revolutions to see what they were all about.  Since then, I have become quite a fan of the band and their alternative style.  Even my kids enjoy their music.

…Are we alive, because God, tricked us and, this is all just a joke on us.

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Theme Thursday – UK Metal

After my theme on Canadian metal bands, I figure it’s time to move over to an area I currently reside in; The United Kingdom.  I am sure you are well aware of the UK’s illustrious contributions in metal; therefore, I am not going to rehash some of the legends that have poured out of this region such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, or even Def Leppard.  I am going to try to stay away from more well-known artists such as Cradle of Filth and Dragonforce.  Before I begin my discussion about what is current on these islands, I will give a brief overview of the UK mainly for my American brothers and sisters of metal.

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  I am stationed in England where the population is about 51 million (2008 estimate).  To put that into perspective, England is about the same size as the American State of Indiana.  The population of Indiana is about 6.5 million and is the 15th most densely populated American State.  England may be small in landmass, but is huge on international influence and culture to include heavy metal.  Many consider England to be the birthplace of metal, more specifically, in Birmingham.  So here we go.  This is what the UK has to offer right here and now.

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iTouch Report – May 2011

This just another little blurb to check out what you have been listening to lately. Since I spent the month of May in Alabama my top 10 playlist is a bit different from what I claim to listen to.  I listened to my itouch much less than I normally do in a given month when I am home.  As they say, technology doesn’t lie and I have been caught red-handed listening to some un-typical metal…if you want to call some of it metal.  Oh, and just because I was in Alabama for the month “Sweet Home Alabama” is not on my list.  Here is the magic top 10 from my beloved iTouch for May 2011:

10.  Biffy Clyro – God & Satan

9.  Amon Amarth – War of the Gods

8.  Within Temptation – Sinead

7.  Between The Buried And Me – Ad a Dglgmut (I don’t think this is a spelling error)

6.  Eluveitie – Quoth The Raven

5.  Whitesnake – Forevermore

4.  Biffy Clyro – Born on a Horse

3.  Biffy Clyro – Mountains

2.  Whitesnake – Love Will Set You Free

1.  Pendulum – Granite

Looks like Biffy Clyro got high marks two months in a row.  I liked listening to them on the plane, i found it a bit relaxing since I am not a huge fan of sitting in an aluminum can at 35,000 feet.  This month I have loaded up with some serious metal especially for my workout selection. What has been up in your metal world?  What keeping the blood flowing through your veins?

iTouch Report – April 2011

It’s that time of the month to talk about what you have been listening to.  My list surprised me a little, but when I gave it some thought I see why my list for the month is  a bit more mellow than usual.  The reason for that was the long flight to the States.  I tend to listen to less metal and more prog and other slower stuff to keep me realized.  So here is what I have been into in April  starting with #10 and working to my most played song on my iTouch.  This list is based on about 600 songs loaded to my iTouch.

10.  Biffy Clyro – Born on a Horse

9.  Ensiferum – Twilight Tavern

8.  Biffy Clyro – Mountains

7.  Biffy Clyro – That Golden Rule

6.  Bullet for my Valentine – The Last Fight

5.  Biffy Clyro – The Captain

4.  Cavalera Conspiracy – Warlord

3.  Biffy Clyro – God & Satan

2.  Children of Bodom – Northpole Throwdown

1.  Amon Amarth – Destroyer of the Universe

I guess you can imagine which of these songs I worked out to and which ones were not on my workout playlist.  Biffy Clyro is one band I first heard of when they were announced as headliners on the Saturday bill of U.K. Sonisphere in July 2011.  Up to that point I never even heard of the band.  There was a lot of grumbling on Facebook about it, but I had to hear them for myself.  IMO, festivals are supposed to please a wide variety of people so seeing Biffy there is not surprising to me.

Of course, Scuzz and Kerrang starting playing Biffy videos and you what?  Biffy Clyro really isn’t that bad.  In fact my best comparison to Biffy Clyro would be Weezer and Foo Fighters, both of which I like.  Biffy might be a bit harder and darker than Weezer, but in the same ballpark.  So I bought their latest album, Only revolutions and listened to it a lot on the flight over.  That explains why they appear so much on this month’s list.  Their song Mountains was actually a good running tune along with the other metal I was running to.  If you like Weezer or Foo Fighters you might go for Biffy. Check them out.

The rest of the songs on the list really kick ass and kept me motivated while running.  I don’t have a lot of time to you use my iTouch since I am at school all day then busy with homework at night.  I have been using my computer to listen to tunes more than my iTouch, which is mainly used to help improve my fitness level.  So in May you might see a genre reversal on my playlist.  But, you never know.

So what have you been listening to?  Does your playlist change based on something like traveling or studying?  Have you heard Biffy Clyro?  What’s on your mind?

Here are a few of clips of this months iTouch top 10.

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Sonisphere Festival Update – 23 Feb 11

The Sonisphere festival on 8-10 July is just outside London on the UK portion of the tour.  Another weekend of metal to be enjoyed by many…typically around 55-60K.  The promoters like to keep it fairly small as to make the festival enjoyable for all.  Since the last update there have been several new entries; nothing along the lines of Download, but a few recognizable bands were added to the festival.  The new additions are: (sorry if I repeat anything from the last post)

Diamond Head



Protest The Hero

Kids in Glass Houses


Gojira – Nice to see a French metal act play in England

Limp Bizkit – Why oh Why?

One Minute Silence

The Sisters of Mercy

For this post I ask the same question I asked for the Download lineup.  If you had to pick a day based on what is confirmed now which day would it be?

Friday is Metallica headlining with Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Diamond Head

Saturday is Biffy Clyro headlining with Weezer

Sunday is Slipknot headlining with Limp Bizkit

All other bands have yet to be placed on a stage or a specific day.  My pick is obvious…Friday.   I grew up with the Big Four so that is a no brainer for me.  But before the Big Four was announced, it was going to be Sunday for Slipknot.  I am going to this Festival…on the Friday.

P.S. for my non-metal side I would love to see Weezer.  Sorry guys you are on the wrong day.

Sonisphere UK update 28 Jan 11

Slipknot was the first band to be announced as a headliner for the Sonisphere festival UK.  I was pretty much sold on that day right off the bat since I have yet to see Slipknot live.  I hear its a spectacular show.  Then another headliner was announced in the form of Biffy Clyro.  I scratched my head on that one, but I have to remember that festivals are supposed to have a little of everything for everyone.  I guess I can’t complain with that because it made my decision to see Slipknot even easier.  Then there was the big news…Sonisphere promoters signed up the Big Four for their first ever Big Four UK appearance.  Sorry Slipknot, I will be buying a different day pass for my participation in this year’s Sonisphere UK weekend.

So to recap so far, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax will be headlining the Friday 8 July show, Biffy Clyro on the 9th, and Slipknot on the 10th.  The latest announcement listed a few more bands to the mix, but did not list which day they would play.  They are:

Motorhead – Classic

In Flames – No real experience with this band

Parkway Drive – never heard them

Mastodon – Seen them once; this band made my list of bands I think I should like, but do not…and I still don’t know why.

So there you have the latest for Sonisphere.  There are probably 90+ bands yet to be announced.  Are you going to go?  Which day?

You can stay tuned with Sonisphere at their website