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Matt’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time: #5-#1

Is it the end already?!  That went faster than I thought it would.  Well, it was a lot of fun actually sitting down and drawing the whole thing out and asking myself why I love these records as much as I do.  While some I dug just cause they were f’n great albums, others I found I had quite a bit of history with.  I loved catching up with some classics I may haven’t listened too in a while and also rediscovering some records (some of which missed the Top 100, but I’ll make an honorable mention post in due time).  The other big fun I had with this list was as well as posting all of it in its glory here on Metal State I was posting entries on a Facebook forum dedicated to metal where many others were doing just the same thing.  It was/is (many are still posting theirs and some other have just begun) great to talk about all these albums with many other people and also see what their lists had to offer.  I have to say, my mind is inundated with a ridiculous amount of music to check out and I look forward to hearing it all.  If you’re feeling like talking some metal and use Facebook you can join the group through this link.  There are cool metal nerds within and some very fun metal discussions.  If you don’t have FB, I’d still love to see your list so post it to your blog, write it in the comments, or send it to me through email.

Anywho, here are the final 5 entries in my Top 100.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it and I hope you discovered some cool new albums to check out or were inspired to revisit something you may not have spun in a while.  So, without further ado,  we come to the end of ‘The List’ (which I now feel slightly depressed is over, will make up for with my top cover songs list which will begin at the start of the new year).  Drum roll please! Drtrtrttrrttrrttrttrtrrttrtrtrtrrttrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!!!

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