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Album Review: Kill Devil Hill – Revolution Rise

KDHRevRiseKill Devil Hill hit the scene in 2011 and already released their second album, Revolution Rise.  I have to give the guys props for two reasons; first, they appear to be a hard-working band having released two albums in two years.  Second, they are still the same four dudes playing music they want to play which is a style that doesn’t rely on overly aggressive tempos.  Not that there is anything wrong with aggression, it’s nice to take a break and Kill Devil Hill is perfect for that.  Metal needs bands like Kill Devil Hill to contrast aggression and they do a fine job.   They are musicians from eclectic backgrounds, but together they create heavy metal music that is far-removed from an in-your-face style laced with grit and angst.  Revolution Rise is a strong sophomore effort from the quartet and is a nice addition among my collection of (mostly) brutal music.

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