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The 12 Days of Metalmas: Day 7: Seven Glam Bands A-Laying

fd8b0f77d767f1f6640afba6916ff67c_LOn the 7th day of Metalmas my true love gave to me
Seven Glam Bands a- Laying
Six Slayers Slaying
Fiiiiivveee Gooolllldd Riiinnnggsss
Four Crying Birds
Three French Bands
Two Headless Doves
And an Opeth in a pear tree

Besides starting a massive wave of uber-cheesy bad boy love ballads and countless songs about ‘having a good time’, the glam metal bands of the 80’s got laid, a lot, a real lot. Even though they were covered in lipstick, hairspray, and were more sparkly than a modern-day excuse for a vampire, they were swimming in a deluge of vagina.

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Song of the Week- Black Lake Nidstång

Summer is officially here and it’s f’n hot outside.  Here’s a song that will chill your body to the bone.  Along with cooling your body down it beautifully captures the wonder and glory of nature during the winter time in musical form as well as creating a graceful yet haunting atmosphere.  I know it’s a bit of a long song, but it is well worth your time to close your eyes and get lost in the majesty of Agalloch‘s “Black Lake Nidstång”.