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Turn Your BBQ into a GWAR BQ

gwar-beerzIt seems to have become a trend for bands to further their marketability out side of T-Shirts and back patches and into the realm of one of metals favorite things.  Alcohol.  Unfortunately, when this trend started many bands seemed to think wine was the best path to take.  Well, in my humble opinion, fuck that.  Metal ain’t no wine sipping music, and quite honestly, wine puts me right to sleep, and that ain’t something I want to be doing while at a metal show or raging against the machine with my buddies in their backyard while grilling up copious amounts of food.  What I want in my heavy metal branded alcohol is what any rational, x-chromosome metalhead would want.  Some ice-cold beer.  Really, I thought that was a no brainer?

Anywho, it seems that some bands got my dearth of angry letters and bands like Iron Maiden, The Sword, Clutch, and others have started brewing their own craft beers, with the Iron Maiden one being especially tasty.  But not to be left in the dust heavy metal legends GWAR have now began manufacturing their own brew.  What really catches me about their beer is that instead of going with the fancy craft brew in those fancy-shmancy bottles, they have opted for average Joe Shmoe cans.  So you could say Clutch’s beer is like a nice Long Trail Ale Double Bag brew and GWAR’s is like a Bud.  Both serve their purposes for the beer aficionado.  Really, pounding craft brews by the 30 pack is just not a great idea if you’re at a BBQ, but if you have an ice filled cooler topped off with cans of Bud you can suck them back without fear of vomiting up hundreds of dollars worth of brew later in the evening.  So bravo GWAR on tapping that market.

So, start warming up the BBQ coals and send your significant other to the store with explicit instructions to by GWAR BQ Brew and get your midsummer partying on.  Also watch the below commercial for GWAR beer, it’s pretty damn funny.  And if you live near or around the Richmond, VA area celebrate the launch of GWAR beer at the GWAR BQ festival (info here). Peace Love and Metal!!!!

And on a side note, where the fuck is my heavy metal whiskey!?

Appetite of the Beast

If I ever take a stop in Coral Springs, Florida I need to check out this restaurant.  Rock and Roll Ribs is owned by Iron Maiden‘s drummer Nicko McBrain and his friend Mitch Tanne.  The restaurant goes for good ol’ American BBQ food and glancing at the menu and looking at the pictures, everything sounds mad tasty.  All the menu items are cleverly named with rock and roll and Iron Maiden references, like the House Band Salad, Aces High Fries, and the party platter Appetite of the Beast.

According to their website Rock and Roll Ribs have won a couple of awards for their ribs and it seems that Nicko has a true passion for good food, especially American BBQ(how could he not?).  If you live or pass through central Florida check out this place and let me know how awesome it was.  You can check out the menu and other things on their website.  Peace Love and Metal!!!