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Reggie’s Top 10 Non-Metal Things of 2014 Part I of II

imageOther than metal, I like other things in the entertainment industry.  Usually, videogames occupy a considerable about of my time, but this year it was binge watching lots of TV.  As with my other end-year entertainment lists, not everything here was specifically a 2014 release.  It is on this list because it is new to me though I think you will find that the final season of most things here are from 2014.  What else do you like besides metal and music?  This edition is part 1 of 2 featuring #10-6. 

10.  The Walking Dead Season 2 – Xbox One 

Not a big year in gaming for this guy.  I played some fun ones, but the only one that grabbed with me with the storyline is The Walking Dead Season 2 (five episodes).  The sequel to the stunner of a Telltale game is a pretty solid game.  Of course, lots of dialogue and decision-making allow for an immersive experience.  My only beef with the game are that the episodes are too short.  Otherwise, it’s not as great as the first season, but still quite fun to play and worth continuing this zombie experience.

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