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Sonic Cathedral’s female-fronted roundup for January

SC logoOne of our innovations for 2015 is an alliance with Sonic Cathedral, the website that specialises in reviews of albums by female-fronted bands. Collectively, the Sonic Cathedral team is probably the best team of experts in the world on the types of female-fronted music we at Metal State don’t cover too often, notably symphonic metal and Gothic metal. SC covers a lot more ground than that, however, featuring FF albums in various genres of rock and harder metal as well.

We’ll be presenting a highlights roundup of the Sonic Cathedral reviews every month. Our coverage will include the album details, an intro from SC, and a link to the full (and often extremely comprehensive) review on SC’s website.

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Ready Your Steel for the Battle….Beast!

This weeks official full album stream comes courtesy of Finnish metal band Battle Beast.  Their latest album, Steel, was released in Europe earlier in 2011 and their brand of straight up classic heavy metal caused such a buzz they got picked up by Nuclear Blast Records who will be reissuing the album on April 14, 2012.  The album is a blast to listen to and vocalist Nitte Valo has some pipes on her.  The riffing and solos are bad ass and the rhythm section knows how to groove like no other.  If you are a fan of old school metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Helloween these guys (and gal) will rock your socks off to all eternity.

Listen to Steel in its entirety by clicking the album cover below and ‘liking’ their Facebook page.  Also check out the video for “Enter the Metal World” below also.  Enjoy and let us know what you though of the album.  Peace Love and Metal!!!