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Reggie’s Essential 25 Favorite Instrumentals #2 & #1

bc_rich_widow_wmd_bass_top_imageI love the power of a good instrumental song.  Sometimes they can be energizing or even relaxing depending on the band’s intent with the song.  Some bands use an instrumental song to display a different, sometimes softer side.  And, sometimes an instrumental is a collection of left over riffs and drum parts that didn’t make the final cut.  Or, perhaps they just couldn’t find the words to go with the music.  However they are composed, the instrumental song is a track I look for and hope to find on any album; though there are some bands where it’s almost an expectation.  This list is 25 word-less songs that I find essential to my music library.  I wouldn’t sweat over the exact order, but yeah the ones at or near the top of this list are definitely my favorites.  I know there are many more instrumental songs out there, but these are mine…so to speak.  This list is also limited to only three per band and only one band made this list three times.  Enjoy my top 2!

2.  Hell’s Kitchen – Dream Theater

As you can probably tell, I have fondness for Dream Theater’s instrumental songs.  This one is the third and final song of my list and if I didn’t make a 3-song rule I might have a few more Dream Theater songs to talk about…obviously my favorite from them.  I like the diversity in this song; I can listen to it to relax and I have used it as my opening song and/or closing song on a run.  It helps keep my mind at ease when I begin a run and wonder to myself why am I running.  By the time the song is over, my heart rate is regulated and I can begin a long run with mostly thrash and death metal to keep me motivated.   The attraction here is the lengthy guitar solos and of course combined with the progressive elements makes the song pretty damn perfect.

1.  The Ultra-Violence – Death Angel

The main attraction to this song for me is it’s just so raw and full of aggression.  These guys were just teenagers when they recorded it back in 1987 for their first album, The Ultra-Violence.  This song was also featured in a burger commercial.  I have to believe that someone had to know about this band to select that song.  This song isn’t something one would just stumble upon while looking for background music to a guy eating a burger.  Metalheads are everywhere!  Anyway, I am going to let the music do the talking.  Thanks for reading my list of 25 favorite instrumental songs.  My next list will be 30 intros that instantly grabbed me.  Thanks to Mik for inspiring me to do a list of my own on that subject.