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Album Review: Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble

Primus-And-The-Chocolate-FactoryThroughout my childhood there have been many films that have captured my impressionable imagination and then warped and raped it.  The Secret of Nimh, The Dark Crystal, The Brave Little Toaster, Labyrinth, Dumbo, Watership Down, etc.  They were all able to lure me in with colors, cuteness, and imagination and then rip the rug up from under me and show me the dark, seedy underbelly of the world in all its twisted glory.  I don’t know why, but I always tended to gravitate toward this style of film in my young age (and well into my teenage years and adulthood).  Sitting at the top of horrifically cute films lies the 1971 cinematic masterpiece Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring the great Gene Wilder in the role he was born to play; the magically mad Willy Wonka.  From the colorful cinematography to the densely dark under-themes of consumerism and greed the film didn’t shy away for a moment from the fact it was luring young kids into its mind-rape Ford Econoline van with pretty colors and promises of candy.

Another aspect of Willy Wonka that cements it as one of the greatest cinematic achievements is its soundtrack.  From happy and uplifting ‘Pure Imagination’ to nightmare inducing boat ride song the music of the flick covered just about every reachable aspect of places ones imagination can go.  And I’ll be damned if they weren’t catchy songs.  Don’t tell me you don’t find yourself humming the Oompa Loompa songs from time to time.  It was simply a quirky, fun, and occasionally dark bit of music.  And do you know what else is quirky, fun, and occasionally dark (ok, a bit more than occasionally)?  The long-standing oddball band, Primus.

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Album Review: Adimiron – Timelapse

a3305286590_2Label: Scarlet Records

Album:  Timelapse; this is their fourth album

Release Date:  3 Nov 14

Genre:  Avant-Garde / Progressive / Post Death Metal

Songs:  9

Length:  43 Minutes

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Roundtable Review: We All Die (Laughing) – Thoughtscanning

a1005130293_10Label: Kaotoxin Records

Release Date:  14 January 2014

Songs:  1

Length: 33 minutes

Genre:  Avant-garde/extreme/prog

Studio Albums: This is their debut

Location:  France, Bulgaria

For fans of: Swallow The Sun, Katatonia, Opeth, Neurosis


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Song of the Week – Backwoods Bayou

Glorior Belli is a French band that recently released their album Gators Rumble, which might explain the theme for this video for Backwoods Bayou.  It’s a short video, but has that avant-garde artsy appeal that makes it interesting even though there are no words in the song or that the alligator eats anyone.  If you haven’t checked out the Oct/Nov release of Gators Rumble, you should – it’s pretty damn good.  Enjoy the Song of the Week.

For an added bonus I will add this second video clip so that you can experience the full extent of what this band has to offer besides alligator videos.

Album Reviews: Pandora’s Piñata by Diablo Swing Orchestra

When I think back to my earliest memories of music fandom, the most treasured and vivid ones linking back to before I even had the capability to record long-term memories were those of my time spent with my grandfather.  I can still remember it like yesterday as me and my mother would take our frequent visits to my grandparents house and my Granpa would be sitting in his recliner with the A.M. radio blasting the various big band, swing, and jazz artists that he loved so much (his hearing wasn’t that great, so 11 was the only acceptable point on the volume knob).  Glen Miller, Count Basie, Paul Whiteman, and the almighty Benny Goodman were some of his favorites that he used to like to talk at length about giving me synopsis on their music and little me would sit in that recliner next to him listening to music with him breaking to mimic the trumpet player from time to time.   So, yeah, when it comes down to it, I feel I have to credit my Granpa for being the ultimate catalyst to my current and lifelong obsession with all kinds of music.  He has returned to the Earth some years ago, but whenever I hear any of his favorite artists or their style it tends to reel those amazing memories back putting me on the verge of being misty eyed and landing an ear to ear smile on my face.

So, what does my beloved Granpa and his favorite music have anything to do with metal?  Well, Sweden’s Diablo Swing Orchestra have a new album out called Pandora’s Piñata and as I listen to their swing laden brand of metal I can’t hold back thoughts of Granpa and how I may have finally found a metal band that we could listen to together and then would nod his approval at (which he would then proceed to tell me that they’re too loud, or ‘too sweet’ as he put it, giving me a nice warm smile and a wink).

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Theme Thursday: Fun and Quirky Metal

When the descriptors ‘avant-garde’, ‘cross-over’, or ‘experimental’ gets tossed onto a metal band many people tend to look away as thoughts of music that is too strange for their tastes comes to their minds.  And honestly, ya, sometimes that is often the case, but as always it is not de-facto.  So, as par for the course, I’m going to highlight some avant-garde bands that are some quality listens and have an experimental style that will appeal to those that don’t like anything too strange (to an extent, there will be a couple deeper cuts).  To take it a step further, the songs and bands in this collection will be more on an upbeat note leaning towards having fun with their music as they experiment with what can actually be done within the metal genre.  So, call ’em avant-garde, experimental, cross-over, or WTF metal, but don’t say that they didn’t make you smile.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Song of the Week: God Hates a Coward

So, normally the song of the week should be the first random metal song that we listen all the way through on our Ipod or media player. Thing is, I kinda cheat due to how I listen to music.  I prefer to listen to albums from front to back with little to no skipping around and if I do go to a song it’s almost always not at random.  So today I going to do this proper.  Booting up WinAmp, random on, let’s see what pops up and take a quick journey through my music library.  Stephan Lynch – Beelz, about Satan, hilarious, but not metal.  Next, The Beatles – I Fell, amazing band, great tune, but again not metal… Next! Jelly Roll Morton – Low Down Blues (New Orleans Blues) (link goes to a different Jelly Roll Morton song, Youtube doesn’t have to one I have, ain’t that some shit), ummm, still no metal, I should have put the metal filter on, but anyways this is fun, I haven’t listened to Mr. Jelly Roll in a long while.

Queens of the Stone Age – Long Slow Goodbye, these guys do have some metal tendencies and guitarist/vocalist/band leader Josh Homme got his start playing for the legendary stoner metal band Kyuss, but not quite metal.  Damn, do I have some metal somewhere on my hard drive.  You all have to be doubting my metal cred by now.  Mega Man – Toadman Stage (Rainy Sewers), catchy chip tune from the classic video game series with the best music, but…. 311 – Guns are for Pussies, yes guns are for pussies, but no metal to be found here.  Frank Zappa – Tell Me You Love Me, Zappa has influenced countless metal artist and musicians the world around, but this isn’t the metal you are looking for.  San Tropez – Pink Floyd, ahh, Meddle, one of my favorite Floyd albums and “San Tropez” is a nifty little ditty, but you know….

OK, here we go, finally something metal!!!!!!!   God Hates a Coward by Tomahawk.  For the those not familiar with this band it is one of Mike Patton’s (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas) many projects and like many of his works it leans toward the avant-garde side of the musical spectrum.  The album that this song comes off of is their self titled release and features members of Helmet, The Melvins, and The Jesus Lizard.  A great album for those looking to delve deeper into the world of Mike Patton after getting familiar with FNM and Mr. Bungle and hear more of Mike Patton’s metal side.

With “God Hates a Coward”, as usual, Mr. Patton’s vocal work is top-notch and unmatched.  I particularly like Kevin Rutmanis (The Melvins) bass work on this song with his heavy and rolling lines.  To bad he left the band, but for their upcoming album which is currently in the works, Mike Patton has recruited long time friend and Mr. Bungle musician Trevor Dunn (who also plays in Fantomas and collaborates often with John Zorn).  Enjoy the tune and let us know what you thought.  I hope a look into my music library doesn’t make me seem any less a metal head (in a roughly 16,000 song library I’d say about 65% of it is pure metal).  Peace Love and Metal!!!