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Songs That Define My Taste In Music #2 & #1 (Mik)


#2 Repetitive, industrial element

I have a weak spot for extremely bass-heavy, repetitive music and bands with a dark, industrial and dissonant atmosphere. The music is very hypnotic and easy to get lost in; it can be quite demanding and disturbing to listen to, but in the end it’s a very rewarding experience. My favourite bands for a disturbing and dark experience are Author & Punisher, The Amenta, Altar of Plagues, Wormed.

Author & Punisher – Fearce

#1 Contrast or balance

Ever since I discovered and started to love Opeth many years ago, I’ve always liked music with contrasts. Many opposing moods in one song , it creates a kind of balance that I find very satisfying. An “all in one” kind of feeling. It can be the contrast between clean and harsh vocals or cleans and heavy music, metal mixed with other music styles, slow/fast pace or heavy/ambient sound. This element is present in most of my favourite bands like Textures, Skyharbor, Borknagar, In Mourning, Twelve Foot Ninja and Benea Reach.

Uneven Structure – Frost