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Song Of The Week: The Amenta – Obliterate’s Prayer

The Amenta’s excellent album ‘Flesh Is Heir’ has been my must-listen-to-when-exhausted-after-work-album for a couple of months now. Their music is impossible to use as only background music; it’s demanding, intense and chaotic. This song works particularly well on me and never fails to succeed in waking up all of my sleepy brain cells.

“I am a single signal, tear me from the ground, and drown me in sound. 

I am a crest of a wave, tear me from the ground, and drown me”


Album Review: Caligula’s Horse – The Tide, The Thief & River’s End


Caligula’s Horse has crafted songs that are so alive and so powerful that I get tears in my eyes. Their music makes me do more than just listen, I’m feeling it, I’m living it.  


Genre: Progressive rock/metal with a unique, modern and intelligent sound

Recommended for fans of: Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Porcupine Tree, Karnivool, Dream Theater, TesseracT, concept albums, interesting music

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Song Of The Week: Caligula’s Horse – Dark Hair Down

If you have the slightest interest in progressive rock/metal, especially the kind with a good rhythm section and great guitar work, and some of your favourite bands happen to be named Opeth, Tool, Karnivool, Porcupine Tree  or Pain of Salvation, you need to check out the Australian band Caligula’s Horse. Don’t worry, they are not copying aforementioned bands, they do have a very nice style of their own and perfectly blends modern metal with a more classic proggy sound and outstanding vocals.

I first saw their name on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, as a recommendation by the band Ne Obliviscaris. Because they were mentioned by Ne Obliviscaris (another awesome band) and in the same sentence as “great gigs” and “Twelve Foot Ninja” (my latest musical addiction), I decided to investigate it further. After a couple of days and their new album ‘The Tide, The Thief and River’s End’ on repeat, I’m sold. Completely. In love. Head over heels…

Dark Hair Down‘ provides a taste of it, but the album has so much more than this to offer:


Full Album Stream:

EP Review: Balescream – Mark of the Revenant

Album CoverBalescreamMark of the Revenant EP

Release Date:  26 Jan 2013

Songs:  4

Length:  19 minutes

Style:  Thrash Metal

Career:  This is Balescream’s debut EP.  They are from Australia and currently unsigned.

Similarities with:  Classic Bay Area Thrash

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