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Album Reviews: The Afterman: Ascension by Coheed & Cambria

coheed__20670_zoomI’ll be perfectly honest, while I love me some concept albums and follow the narrative of those which reach to tell a story more often than not, I’ve just about abandoned the sci-fi story that Coheed & Cambria have been telling since their first album.  Not that it’s bad by any means, but because between sometimes cryptic lyrics, out of sequence unfolding, and the fact that it sprawls into graphic novel and written novel form I just lost place in the convoluted tale and haven’t put much stock into it since Good Apollo.  So, what’s left of a band that puts so much stock into its narrative for someone who isn’t placing too much attention into their tale?  Well, the most important part of any musical output, the music, and on this end CoCa also deliver tenfold quite consistently allowing the listener to enjoy their music first and as an added bonus be able to delve into a deeper level and get a crazy sci-fi story too.  The NY quartet has recently released the first part their new double disc album, The Afterman, with part 2 to be in stores sometime early 2013.  Titled Ascension, this first part of The Afterman series recaptures that spark that really made CoCa special that I felt that their past couple outings were missing (No World For Tomorrow and Year of the Black Rainbow were decent, but could have been a lot better).  And beyond the excellent music, they also piqued my interest in rejoining the narrative of the whole CoCa saga with its character dossier style of storytelling.

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