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Artists’ Top Albums of 2014: Part 1/5

Messenger1One of Metal State’s trained hyperspace pigeons has already passed Andromeda on its way to deliver a note in the exotic galaxy inhabited by Metal Sucks. The note, composed entirely in ExoMetal, reads as follows: “Many thanks, Vince and Axl, for letting Mammal dig into your veritable directory of musician’s favourite albums of next year. It looks like 2014 will be a good year for metal.”

By the way, hyperspace pigeons fly faster that the speed of light, so they arrive there before they leave here.

Metal Sucks published the top album lists of 37 metal musicians who represent a good slice of the metal spectrum, from the sweetly lyrical to “Fug, that’s brutal.”

Of those lists, 35 rank albums in order of preference and two are in no particular order. We’re listing the top albums from each of the 35 ranked lists and posting a song from each of the Number 1 albums. We’ll do that in five batches of seven lists each. Have I lost you? Of course not. Metal is more complex than most main types of music. You have to be above average intelligence to play it and/or enjoy it (Mammal’s Book of Everything, 2015).

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