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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2012, #6 – #4

MetalCatBe glad you don’t live on the Planet of the Dolphins or in any other sub-aquatic civilisation. You can’t do chemisty, make fire or smelt metals under water. It would probably be even more difficult in salt water. I should imagine it would also be quite a bugger trying not electrocute yourself with a big amp.

On Water Planet there is no music except for The Whale Glee Club and the Coral Crackers.


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Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

Arjen is one of the most prolific and creative composers and musicians in modern metal. If you don’t already know, his projects have included Ambeon, Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Star One and his own solo album. The spectrum of his music spans across many colours on both sides of prog metal. It embraces power metal and symphonic metal on the heavier side. On the hippie side, it extends from symphonic prog (every project) to art rock (with Ambeon). All of his projects are a glorious integration of different styles.

It seems appropriate to preface Arjen’s Top 10 with a song from his solo album, The New Real. This song, Pink Beetles in a Purple Zeppelin, is specially fitting. It is Arjen’s wry and lyrical take on a hypothetical death of musical creativity. As long as the world continues to produce people like him, of course, that will never happen. Read the rest of this entry