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Song of the Week: Black Sabbath

fondo_blacksabbath_1024Today, Feb. 13, marks the 43rd birthday of quite possibly the most important album in all of metal’s history.  To call Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut anything less than pioneering, innovating, genre defining, and all those other adjectives saved for use when describing something of the highest order would be considered a grave crime.  If not for Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, and Bill making throughout use of the diminished 5th, dark blues sound, and menacing lyrics, the music that we all love so much today would not be here.

One of my favorite moments of the hallmark album is right on the first song of the record and simply sums up what I thought the first time I heard Sabbath’s debut.  After the sounds of a storm rolling in and the dirge bells ringing the dark and oppressive atmosphere of the song takes a turn for evil as Tony Iommi plays what may be the most recognizable intro riffs ever in music.  The sheer darkness and evil that exudes those notes is undeniable and then Bill Ward’s drums echo in to add a sacrificial ritual feel and Geezer’s bass calls in the thunder.  But the part that really gets me is Ozzy’s first line, which pretty says what we were all thinking.  “What is this that stands before me?”

I can only imagine what it was like for people first hearing this back in 1970 and how this new and crazy style of music must have effected them.  How it must have terrified them and made them run for safety, lol.  Actually, some people did take the evil sound of the music in the wrong direction and label Sabbath as Satanists, when in fact, the song “Black Sabbath” was more a warning against turning to the dark side.  Oh, well, that’s people for ya.  Anywho, a huge happy birthday to Black Sabbath and one of the best metal songs ever written.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


Happy Birthday to Number of the Beast

When I was a wee youngster an older brother of my neighborhood friend played 2 albums for us one that would go on and influence one of us in a huge way.  The first was Guns and Roses  Appetite for Destruction, I remember liking it a lot but not nearly as much as the album that he would play for us next which just blew my 6-year-old mind away.  That album was Iron Maiden‘s perennial classic album, The Number of the Beast.

The energy, the huge guitars, Bruce Dickinson’s soaring vocals and maniacal laughter, the fun, feel good vibe of all the songs.  Songs about Indians, songs about monsters, songs about invaders (which I thought was about aliens from space at the time, read: Space Invaders).  I remember how terrifying it was to listen to “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and how much I laughed at “The Number of the Beast”.  Ya, this album made a huge impact on me and I found myself getting a copy from my buddies brother and at around the same point in time I heard this album Iron Maiden had just released Somewhere in Time which was one of the first cassette tapes I’ve ever bought with my own money and the first heavy metal album purchase of my life (and so the obsession begins).

To say Iron Maiden is my all time favorite band is an understatement.  So, I give a whole-hearted Happy 30th Birthday to one of the greatest and most influential metal albums ever written.  Up the Irons!!!!!! What’s your favorite songs off of The Number of the Beast?  Peace Love and Iron Maiden!!!!

My Iron Maiden Tattoo

A Metal State of Mind – Anniversary

It has been one year since A Metal State of Mind got its start in the heavy metal blogging world.  With a few tweaks and search for a niche in metal blogging, we are improving our daily “hits” and enjoying our time talking about metal.  It has been great meeting new folks who love metal as much as we do.

To commemorate our one-year anniversary, we have set up our own facebook page where we will be posting all of our blogs as well as other things we fee like talking about.  So come on over and join us at this link

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