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The Good Kind of Ache

This weeks full album steam comes from The Atlas Moth and it’s their recently released An Ache for the Distance.  I’m quite taken by this album.  The sound is grandiose, doomish, psychedelic, and apocalyptic.  While the music will have you treading through the sludge with it’s slow brooding pace and southern riffing there are plenty moments of melody and light breaking through the darkened forest of sound.  If you find yourself enjoying bands such as Agalloch and Isis you really want to do yourself a favor and give this album a listen, and if you are not familiar with those bands, still give this one a show, heck, it’s free and a real good listen.  I am quite taken with it and am enjoying it more and more with each listen(I should have a review up sooner than later).  Click the album art to go to the stream.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!