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Album Review- Mike Patton- The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Mike Patton’s latest work comes in the form of an album entitled The Solitude of Prime Numbers.  Within is music taken from the score of the Italian film La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi, which he scored, and also music inspired by the book of the same name which the film is based on.  Unfortunately, since I have yet to read this highly acclaimed book by Paolo Giordano nor see the film so I can not give you an honest opinion on whether the music does in fact capture the feel of the film and book.  I can, however, let you know that Mike Patton’s work on this release is well worth listening to.

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Exploring New Things-Uneven Structure

So, recently I’ve been seeing a certain strange word pop up in the metal scene.  That word is “Djent”.  It is onamonapia for the sound a palm muted guitar makes and is a genre of metal that takes it roots from bands like Meshuggah.  Around the internet its been getting a lot of talk so I decided to check it out because, well, I like new music and this word “djent” always seemed to have the label progressive and ambient attached to it quite often which perked my interest in it even more.  So far there is some damn good stuff as well as some not so good stuff.  In a future post, after I’ve done a bit more research on it and given an honest listen to some of the bands, I’ll be back to take a deeper look into this subgenre.  For now while I was digging around on YouTube checking out some “djent” music I came across this song that I thought was really damn good and I’m quite interested to see what else this band has to offer.

The following song is by a French metal band that goes by the name of Uneven Structure and it is off their newly released album Februus and the song is called “Frost”.  I dig the ambient build up with some cool guitar trickery, it has a great release moment, and I like the way the song progresses throughout.  Check it out, let us know what you all think of it.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!