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Beware the Terrorsquid!

Round these parts there’s a lot of love for Scottish pirate metal outfit Alestorm.  Their music is well written, it’s fun, they make great music videos, and pirates, pirates man.  Do I really need to say more?  The buccaneers have released their second video for “Death Throes of the Terrorsquid” off of 2011’s Back Through Time.  I think the song title speaks for itself on the magnitude of awesomeness which is the Terrorsquid.  Head to the decks below and check it out.  And if you have yet to listen to their latest album, do so, it’s more fun than monkeys in a barrel.

And while your here, check out this trailer for Alestorm mastermind Christopher Bowes’ latest project GloryHammer where he and some friends tackle epic fantasy metal with the Alestorm sense of humor.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!

From Pirate Metal to Heroic Fantasy Metal

One of the most fun bands to listen to in the current metal scene in my opinion is Scotland’s Alestorm.  Masterminded by Christopher Bowes, they are able to find a great balance between some awesome, hard-hitting thrash/power/folk metal and a wicked sense of humor making for some totally fun songs.  C’mon, what other band can you think of that has songs about pirates traveling back in time to loot from Viking ships?

Anywhoo, Christopher may have ‘scraped the barrel’ a bit much on their latest album and is going to take a breather from pirates to recharge his sea legs.  Just announced, he has started work and is well into his new project GloryHammer which is set to be a “heroic fantasy power metal” band where he looks to explore orchestral, symphonic, and epic realms of metal.  Their debut album Tales from the Kingdom of Fire is currently being recorded at LSD Studios in Germany and it will be a concept album about the “alternate-history medieval Scotland, where magic and dark sorcery reigns supreme”.  The line-up for this project will be Christopher Bowes on keyboards and main songwriting, Thomas Winkler of Switzerland’s Emerald on vocals, Paul Templing on guitars, James Cartwright on bass, and Ben Turk on drums.

The album is set to hit sometime in late 2012 and I’m highly looking forward to it.  Cheesy fantasy symphonic power metal with Christopher Bowes’ sense of humor, hell yeah.  Rhapsody of Fire, you may have met your match!!

Here’s an Alestorm song for you to enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Monday Metal Madness – Battle on the High Seas

It looks like the fans would like to see Dream Theater win a Grammy for “On the Backs of Angels”.  I sure hope that the Grammy committee feels the same as the legendary prog-metallers are well deserving and well due for it.

This week the battle rages on over the high seas as Scotland’s Alestorm aims its cannons at New Jersey’s Swashbuckle.  What say ye?  Ya fancy t’ modern thrash metal piratin’ of Swashbuckle o’ ya fancy t’ classic rum swillin’ sounds of t’ buccaneers Alestorm?  Cast yer  anchor fer yer favorite!

Alestorm – “Keelhauled”

Swashbuckle – “Cruise Ship Terror”

Matt’s(Atleastimhousebroken) Top 5 Music Video’s of 2011

Since their major breakthrough in the 80’s I have always been a fan of the music video as I sat in front of the T.V. watching the MTV.  Unfortunately, nowadays one can not find many music videos on the television anymore, let alone metal videos.  But, with this great thing called the internet the music video is as strong as ever with sites such as Youtube allowing fans to watch what video they want, when they want, and how many times they want.  Here are my Top 5 favorite music videos from 2011.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

5: Alestorm- “Shipwrecked”

Alestorm never fail to tickle my funny bone.  Pirates, keytars, midgets, and rum are a cocktail for some great laughs.  Combine all that with their killer and super catchy song “Shipwrecked” you got yourself a winning music video.

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Theme Thursday – UK Metal

After my theme on Canadian metal bands, I figure it’s time to move over to an area I currently reside in; The United Kingdom.  I am sure you are well aware of the UK’s illustrious contributions in metal; therefore, I am not going to rehash some of the legends that have poured out of this region such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, or even Def Leppard.  I am going to try to stay away from more well-known artists such as Cradle of Filth and Dragonforce.  Before I begin my discussion about what is current on these islands, I will give a brief overview of the UK mainly for my American brothers and sisters of metal.

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  I am stationed in England where the population is about 51 million (2008 estimate).  To put that into perspective, England is about the same size as the American State of Indiana.  The population of Indiana is about 6.5 million and is the 15th most densely populated American State.  England may be small in landmass, but is huge on international influence and culture to include heavy metal.  Many consider England to be the birthplace of metal, more specifically, in Birmingham.  So here we go.  This is what the UK has to offer right here and now.

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Music Video Mania

A while ago on my personal blog(which I really haven’t been giving much attention to lately, poor thing) I started doing this weekly post where I chose some kind of theme and posted a bunch of music videos pertaining to that theme.  It was fun to do as I enjoy music videos and making lists of things, but then I migrated myself over to this here blog and got a little lazy and the short lived Music Video Mania got neglected.  Well, I am going to try to right the wrong and bring the series back, not on a weekly basis again but on a when ever I feel up to it basis(a couple times a month about) here on A Metal State of Mind.  For today’s episode I will ctrl-c/ctrl-v one of my older posts and will send over some of my better episodes here and there as well as new ones popping up also, so if some of the things I say in the post seem a bit dated it’s because I’m lazy and didn’t go back and update things that I wrote.  Hope you all enjoy and if you have any suggestions on themes or videos to recommend, let me know.  Without any further ado, here Music Video Mania: Worldwide Metal!!!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Album Review- Alestorm- Back Through Time

If one wants a gimmick to work there are really only two ways to go about making it succeed.  The first is to take the Amon Amarth approach and be completely serious about it, the other, and more difficult way is to do the complete opposite of that and not take the gimmick entirely serious and just have fun with it.  Scottish Pirate Metal outfit Alestorm‘s latest album there is a song about pirates traveling back into time to battle vikings and steal their gold and a song called “Midget Saw”.  I think it’s pretty obvious where these metal buccaneers hoisted their anchor.

On Back Through Time you get ten new seafaring songs imbued with a hefty loft of straight up metal with lots of folk, thrash, and power metal elements stowed aboard, plus 1 or 3 nautical cover songs depending on which edition you purchase.  There’s nothing really ground breaking on this album other than one thing.  That would be the fun factor.  Every single song will pick up your spirits like a good stiff drink of rum and will have you laughing, singing along, and yelling “Arrrrr” as the album runs its effects and long after.

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Theme Thrusday- Happy Metal

I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the stereotype that all metal is dark and angry and that people who avidly listen to the metal are the same.  Well, as you all know, that is not the case with most metal heads.  Of course there are those who fit perfectly into that stereotype, but more often than not, that’s not the case.  Like mostly everyone else in the world we like to laugh, smile, and be merry, we’re a happy people.

It’s true that a lot of metal albums are full of anger and sorrow, and that’s cool.  A lot of music portrays anger and sorrow, even in pop and jazz music, but the extreme nature of metal intensifies it.  It’s normal to enjoy songs about the stated feelings, just about everyone does.  But like any good thing, moderation, moderation, moderation.  And moderation does exist in metal.  Not all metal has to do with anger and hate, the vast majority of the songs deal with various other subjects including love and happiness.  So, if the extreme nature of metal can intensify the anger and hate emotions, inversely it can intensify happiness and joy.  So today I bring you a nice little list of metal bands, albums, and songs that make me a Happy Metal Guy™.  I hope that this list puts a smile on your face and makes you merry(and maybe even introduces you to some new music).  This list is just the tip of the iceberg on metal songs that could make someone happy, what are your favorite Happy Metal bands, albums, and songs?  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!

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Best of 2011, So Far….

It’s now July 2011 and we have hit the halfway point in the year.  So far there have been tons of outstanding metal releases and there will be some upcoming releases to hit in the second half of the year(September is going to be one hell of a month).  I’d like to present you with my top 10 favorite albums to be released so far in 2011.  Let’s see how many maintain their hold till the end of the year.  A few I haven’t gotten around to reviewing but be sure that will eventually pop up soon.  And as always, what were your favorite albums for the first half of 2011.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Video of the Week- Shipwrecked

Oops, looks like we forgot to put up a video of the week last week, so here’s your make up video and being the hump day this video should give you enough giggles to get you through the rest week.  The video for “Shipwrecked” comes from Alestorm‘s soon to be released album Back Through Time.  It features pirates, wenches, ships, rum, a violin playing midget, and a buccaneer with a keytar.  Hope you enjoy and get a good laugh!!!!

P.S.  Pirates>Ninjas 😉