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Tales from Bandcamp: Vænir by Monolord

a3503731580_10Picture if you will a scene where an army of Dr. Dooms wielding Swords of Doom +2 agility are battling a horde of Thulsa Dooms brandishing Bastard Axes of Doom +1 charisma atop Mt. Doom for the right to doom the doomed Earth and it’s doomed inhabitants.  That is pretty much the way it is when spinning the Vænir, the new record from Swedish doomsters Monolord.

Sounding like a mix of Yob, Pallbearer, and good ol’ Candlemass this record is relentless in its approach to doom.  The sludgy tones mixed with mammoth riffs will probably make this one of the most crushing doom records I will hear this year.  I particularly like the reverb-y vocals which add in heavy psychedelic elements.

If you like your doom metal filthy and thicker than frozen peanut butter do yourself a favor and grab this beast.  You won’t be disappointed, Scouts Honor.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


Tales from Bandcamp: The Morningstar E.P. by The Apache Revolver

a2213951369_10This one caught my attention by claiming to be a mix of surf rock and black metal, and a combo like that you don’t not jump on the opportunity to see if it’s something revolutionary or an absolute train wreck.  To my disappointment a combo of Dick Dale and Emperor didn’t come to fruition (with the exception of a minute at the end of the record).  What I consider surf rock, really wasn’t strongly present in the 4 songs.  However, what I did here was a really interesting proggy atmospheric black metal record with a sunny, nautical feel.  Like a combo of Rush, BtBaM, and Deafheaven.

Another thing that really caught me about the record is the positivity of the lyrical content, which fits the ‘happy’ black metal it coincides with.  Songs about loving life, beauty, etc.  It’s always nice when there is a break from the norm and The Apache Revolver pull it off quite well.  This being the bands first substantial offering, it’s very well done and the potential these guys have is astounding.  I am quite interested to see what they can do with a full length.  Anyhoo, give The Morningstar E.P. a listen and let us know what you think.  As always, if you like what you here, grab yourself a copy of the album and force your metal minded friends to listen to it.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Thanks to the great FB Page Hipster Black Metal for turning me onto this one (as well as many other cool records).

Tales From Bandcamp: Moongod by Aeternam

If the realm of metal were to be personified by warring factions I would thing that the 2 sides with the most over the top, bloody battles would be between Symphonic Power Metal and Death Metal.  While both are metal, they rest at the opposite ends of the spectrum   Power Metal is ultra-happy and peppy and gloriously superfluous filled to the brim with high-flying theatrics and antics that garners quite a love it or hate it relationship from metal fans.  Add symphonics to the mix for extra cheesiness.  Death metal on the other hand is grim, raw, and looks to do nothing but smash the listener in the face with a battle maul.  But what if these 2 warring factions got together, made peace, and wrote and album together?  The result would be Moongod by Canada’s Aeternam.

Taking the visceral elements from Death Metal like the guttural vocals, blazing blast beats, and grinding riffs and blending them with the high-flying instrumentation, catchy choruses, clean vocals, and the delightful cheesiness of Symphonic Power Metal, this album is one hell of an interesting listen as well as a ton of fun and totally engaging.  There are also neat elements of Middle Eastern music blended into the symphonic elements and the occasional vocal lines adding to the rad dynamic Aeternam has going on.  If you are looking for a high energy and unique listen definitely give Moongod a listen, I think you will be quite pleased.


Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp

Tales From Bandcamp: Stench by Nekrogoblikon

Funny enough when I stumbled upon the amazing video for “No One Survives” I was totally rocking out to the album it was from on Bandcamp loving every minute of mischievous goblin metal.  Ya, Finntroll, you have some serious competition now!  If you haven’t already, go back one post to the Video of the Week and check out the cinematic metal masterpiece, then come back here and enjoy the rest of this post.  I’ll wait.

Nekrogoblikon play a style of folk metal steeped in the blackened arts of thrash with hints of cheesy power metal layered in every once in a while for good measure.  While immediately you may be thinking that this would sound not to different from their troll counterparts from Finland, there is a difference.  Finntroll have deeper roots in the blackened woods of Scandinavia and are a tad bit more brutal and bloodthirsty.  Nekrogoblikon, on the other hand, grew up on the thrashy streets of Bay Area, CA, USA and prefer stinky things and mischievous pranks over the ingestion of Christians (even though their pranks can lead to decapitation, disembowelment, or dismemberment).  But enough about that, Nekrogoblikon’s new album, Stench, is where it’s at and it’s one of the biggest surprise albums of the year.

Front to back this album shreds and will have you thrashing your head to and fro while you dance a jig to the folk music orchestrations.  While the music is a non-stop adrenaline rush, there is plenty of substance to this record, as I’m going on my 4th listen now and I’m still picking up on cool little bits of music that I missed my first time around.  All while an ear to ear grin graces my face.  Totally give a listen to the album below and if you dig it, as always, purchase it and tell your friends about it.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Goblins!!!!

Nekrogoblikon links: Facebook Bandcamp

Tales From Bandcamp: The Aporkalypse by Boargazm

To add a little spice to my Bandcamp posting, which has become pretty regular as of late, the full album streams I find on Bandcamp will get posted with the new/updated header ‘Tales From Bandcamp’.  Sooooo, that’s about it, same great metal, new header.  As always, if you dig one of the streams/albums be sure to tell your friends and fellow metal head brethren, most of the bands on there are on small labels or are independent, so a single share goes a long way.  And if you know of or are a killer band on Bandcamp let me know (by either posting a comment here, on our Facebook wall, or by e-mail {metalstate[at]yahoo[dot]com}), and if I dig it I’ll be thrilled to spread the word.  All genres of metal are welcome as I’d like to make these posts as diverse as humanly possible.  Also, a special thanks to who has helped point me in the right direction on some of these finds (not all 😉 ) so check them out for even more quality Bandcamp streams.  So, without further ado….

Today I bring you ‘pig metal’.  Have you ever listened to a death metal record and said to yourself the singer sounds like an angry pig snorting in his trough?  Well, the magnificently and hilariously titled Boargazm have taken that thought to a literal level and created their debut record The Aporkalypse (again, amazing titling).  Grindy, groovy, thrashy, and filled with in your face death metal this record is pretty damn kick ass.  Surprising enough, while the vocals are very supine, they’re not as exaggerated and ridiculous like some other death metal bands and flow with the music really well.  For the most part everything on this record is brutal and solid with a few forays into some sloppy parts (would you expect anything less from a pig?) that are easily overlooked when compared to the big picture.  As far as the themes of the album, well, I think that the bio on Boargazm’s Bandcamp page sums it up the best.

The year is 2086, Planet Earth is under attack by an unknown alien force referred to as the pig people from Planet Zorg. In an assault led by the pig-lord General Barbatus, the space-pigs slaughter millions of people within the first few hours, and broadcast an ultimatum to the human race. Submit to slavery or die. Unbeknownst to mankind, the pig people have visited planet earth nearly three thousand years ago, using a calculated approach to steer civilization into overpopulation by introducing basic technologies and sciences to nations across the globe. Throughout history, all the evidence was refuted and regarded as a hoax, until the day the pigs returned once the planet had enough protein and sentience. A rebel band of resistance fighters known only as ‘The Pig Whisperers’ went to see the oracle, witch doctor from the third world. Hoping to find an answer on how to liberate their race, she told them that the only way to prevent this attack is to go back in time and warn the world, through a mystical ritual that involves time-incarnation. ‘The Pig Whisperers’ were immediately born a hundred years earlier and received frequent visions from the oracle in one clear message: be prophets of the aporkalypse by any means necessary. Drawn together to tell the world of the fate of mankind, Boargazm introduces their first chronicle ‘The Aporkalypse’.

So, check out The Aporkalypse and be sure to download your free copy.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Bacon!!!!!