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Album Review: Soen – Tellurian

soen-tellurian-7113“I will fight the system, break it down and redesign it, I don’t want anything the way it’s created by them. Where is my right to choose, if all the options are theirs?

Release Date: November 4th 2014 on Spinefarm Records

Tracks: 9

Length: 53 minutes

Genre:  Atmospheric progressive metal

Previous releases: Cognitive 2012

Location: Sweden/US

Recommended for fans of:  Opeth, Leprous, Rishloo, Riverside, Karnivool

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Album Review: Kings Among Men by Crimson Shadows

PromoImageThere are a few metal sub-genres that I’m pickier than a toddler at the dinner table with.  Of the ones I am most picky with, Power Metal would probably take the cake.  In my opinion, good Power Metal needs to have something I call the cheese factor (superfluousness, theatrics, high-flying-ness, not taking things too serious-ness, etc)  balanced in the right place.  Not enough cheese you end up with one of those sad solo Timo Tolkki records, too much and the band is just a parody of itself (Rhapsody of Fire excluded).  Get it in the right and you end up with some of the greats like Helloween and Stratovarius.  Now, to add to my pickiness, since I can go pop one of the already Ch-balanced records in any time I want, a new Power Metal band really has to do something unique and original to grab me by the shorty hairs and get me to pay attention.  That’s the hard part and probably why I haven’t fallen for a new Power Metal band in quite some time now.  Enter Canada’s Crimson Shadows and their major label debut and sophomore record Kings Among Men.

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Album Review: Hail Death by Black Anvil

GD30OB2-N.cdrIf there’s one thing I’ve noticed about the majority of bands hailing from New York, it’s that they have a penchant for being uncompromising, direct, to the point, and pull absolutely no punches.  It must come from the non-stop pedal to the metal lifestyle of its denizens as the hustle and bustle throughout one of the worlds most bat shit crazy cities.  Just look at the city’s storied hard-core scene and you’ll soon realize that none of those band take no shit from anyone.  New Yorkers also know how to party, and that also shines through in the East Coasts style of thrash.  Now, when we take the uncompromising side of NYC and mix it with its happy-go-lucky party side and jack it up on a base of black metal, you get a nice unique mix resulting in a little gem of a band called Black Anvil.

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Album Review: Earth Diver by Cormorant

a2140768649_2When take a gander at some of the reasons some of my favorite bands have remained my favorite bands over the course of decades one reason always seems to take the forefront.  The ability to grow and evolve, not afraid to make dramatic changes, while remaining true to a core sound or style that initial made me a super-fan in the first place.  These kind of bands give me something to look forward from release to release as I know I am going to get lots of new alleyways and avenues to explore.  They keep their career fresh and I get a variety of albums to listen to (unlike just more or less needing a single album that sums up the bands catalog) all with different experiences contained within.

Enter Cormorant.  A couple of years ago when they released their sophomore album Dwellings my ears picked up on the unique blend of blackened prog rock tinged with hints of classic metal and instantly became a super-fan of the Bay Area band.  As par for the course, since I liked their current record so much I ponied up the cash for the back catalog expecting more of the same that was on Dwellings.  To my delight, their debut album Metazoa was a much different beast than the record I was spinning ad nauseam, yet was still very much a Cormorant affair.  They just needed a third record to prove they were the real deal and not just a fluke and they were pretty much guaranteed a spot in my coveted Realm of Upper Echelon Bands.  I was very much hoping this would happen.  Then tragedy struck; Arthur Von Nagal, the bands front man, lyricist, vocalist, bassist, and major songwriter contribute made the decision to leave the band to pursue in a career of video game development (FYI, that really freaking awesome Walking Dead game that won all them awards, he was on that team.  Go play games made by TellTale, their all great!).

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Album Review: Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals.AVoiceWithin.cover.lo”We can’t help but to admire its beauty”


Release Date: March 4th 2014, self-released

Length: 50 minutes of seducing melodies

Genre: Exceptionally good progressive/melodic tech metal

Previous releases: The Space Between EP 2011, In Time EP 2012

Recommended for fans of: Between The Buried And Me, Protest The Hero, Periphery


Description: A really good metal album with heavy music and only clean vocals seems to be almost impossible to come by these days. But never fear, Intervals is here!

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Album Review: Servers – Leave With Us


“Your only chance to survive, is to leave with us…”

Release date: 24th of February on Undergroove Records

Length: 45 minutes of  heavy earworms

Genre:  Feel-good, sludgy rock

Previous releases: This is their first album, and what a fine debut it is!

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Roundtable Review: The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race by Dodsferd

tiskoviny 1.cdrLabel: Moribund Records

Release Date: March 18th 2014 (re-release); also now available from Razorbleed Productions

Songs: 5

Genre: Blackend Crusty Black and Roll

Studio Albums: A lot.

Location: Greece

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Roundtable Review: Karhide – Remember Remember


Release Date: 2 December 2013

Songs: 7

Length: 31 minutes

Genre: Alternative/post-rock/electronic/instrumental

Studio Albums: Rough Sleep EP 2013, two splits

Location:  Southampton, UK

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Roundtable Review: Chapel – Satan’s Rock ’n’ Roll

Chapel CoverLabel: Invictus Productions (Ireland), Spiritual Beast (Japan)

Release Date: CD, 31 July 2012; Vinyl, 4 February 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 33 minutes

Genre: Black heavy/thrash metal

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: Vancouver, Canada 

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