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Opeth’s Heritage Cover Revealed

Opeth have revealed the artwork drawn by Travis Smith for their highly anticipated album Heritage.  Have a look.

It reminds me of old school 70’s prog rock album covers from bands such as Yes, Uriah Heep, and Gentle Giant.  I love all the color put into it, who says to be dark and creepy something needs to be covered in black.  It has lots of symbolism in the way of the “family tree”, the skulls of past band members, and Per Wilberg’s head falling out of the tree to join the lot of past band members(keyboardist Per Wilberg left the band after the completion of the album).  I’m guessing that the line of people are Opeth‘s fans.  The roots, the devils, and the burning city I haven’t figured out yet, any ideas?

There are a couple things that do irk me about this cover also.  First being the heads in the tree, they make the cover look kinda goofy, I think that it would look so much cooler if they left them out.  Second, in the center of the tree is Mikael Åkerfeldt’s head surrounded by the rest of the band, the line of people are lining up to take the fruit from his tree.  It comes off as being a shrine to his ego(and it’s pretty well know that his ego is pretty damn big), kind of a dick move in my opinion.

I almost think that the heads are some kind of a joke for the aforementioned reasons; Mikael and Opeth aren’t strangers to having a little fun with their fans.  And the band has got to notice that the heads look a bit photoshopped and out of place.  What do you all think?

Given the proggy aesthetic of the cover and the title Heritage I’m led to believe this will be their most prog filled album to date, and that I will accept with open arms.  We’ll find out in September when it hits store shelves.  While you are waiting check out this clip from the Royal Albert Hall DVD of “Harlequin Forest”.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!