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Album Review: Heimdall – Aeneid

cover-SC-231From the big boot comes Heimdall with their latest (to be) album release Aeneid.  Having never heard them before my expectations remained low or I should say nonexistent.  As advertised, Heimdall captures all the beautiful elements of a genuine Power metal band; sweeping melodies; emphasis on the keyboards; and of course the epic experience Power metal bands deliver.  Most importantly, I happily listened to the album from beginning to end which speaks volumes considering my attention span.

Heimdall’s music comes off with more or less a happy appeal similar to what you would find with some Helloween music; a little more upbeat.  It’s the kind of uplifting Power metal that makes you feel good unlike some other Power metal bands that rely on more intensity with orchestration and theatrics.  During most of the album, I felt like I wanted to sing along even though I don’t know any of the lyrics yet.

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