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Reggie’s Top 15 of 2012

2012Just when I thought 2011 was a banner year for metal, I think 2012 might be equal to or better in terms of both quality music and sheer volume of albums released.  It surely was not a dull moment if you ask me; it seemed like I was listening to at least a couple new albums each week.  Interestingly, I can probably look at half my list and tell you that some of these albums, I had no idea were coming.  They completely snuck on me or I never expected them like Kreator…a band I nearly forgot about came out with a killer album.  The band at #15 I never knew existed until just a few weeks ago and I am still impressed with them.  There are definitely some surprises on my list this year.  Some of these bands have been around for years and I am only now getting into them. I hope you had a great 2012 in metal!  Here are my Top 15 albums of 2012.

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Album Review: A Band of Orcs – Adding Heads to the Pile

A Band Of Orcs - Adding Heads To The Pile - album coverA while back we did a post on band names and the fact that some bands just have poor representation of what they really are; Bring Me The Horizon, Devil Wear Prada to name a couple.  Recently, an album was presented to us for review by a band called A Band of Orcs.  My initial impression was “how am I supposed to take that seriously?”  On the one hand it seems funny and was even funnier when I realized they actually dress like Orcs .  Perhaps they really are Orcs, I am not sure I want to find out.  On the other hand it took about 20 seconds into the CD before I realized they had a very appropriate band name.  According to my research, the band claims they play Brutal Orc Metal, but to simplify things let’s just call it Death metal.

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