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Reggie’s Top 10 Non-Metal Things of 2014 Part II of II

imageOther than metal, I like other things in the entertainment industry.  Usually, videogames occupy a considerable about of my time, but this year it was binge watching lots of TV.  As with my other end-year entertainment lists, not everything here was specifically a 2014 release.  It is on this list because it is new to me though I think you will find that the final season of most things here are from 2014.  What else do you like besides metal and music?  This edition is part 2 of 2 featuring #5-1.

5.  True Detective – TV – HBO

Having Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey certainly helps draw in viewers.  Besides the fact that they are on board and I believe producing it, the storytelling was excellent.  The show takes place over eight episodes and focuses on one case that forever changes the character’s lives.  It comes from the perspective of interviews and flashbacks.  The show is graphic, dark, twisted, and pretty much everything you would expect from HBO and then some.  From what I heard, each season will feature new actors and a new story…the next one allegedly featuring Colin Farrell.  Sounds like another winner in the making.

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