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Video of the Week – A Fair Judgement

Recently, I had a small sliver of time to myself at home.  This is something of a rare event since I do have a wife and kids so the likelihood of house being empty is slim.  My kids went to their summer enrichment program and my wife went to Ireland for the day.  So, I had the house to myself…for three hours.  What’s a guy to do?  Well, I worked.  Boo!

Ya, I know I took leave from my military job so my wife could go to Ireland only to end up working for my teaching gig.  I had some papers to look at and grade which leads me to my next point.  I needed some good music to listen to while working.  I figured listening to brutal Thrash or Death metal wouldn’t enhance my criticism of the written word; I needed something a bit more tame and soothing.  I remembered a while back I made an Opeth mix of my favorite “slower” songs from them which brings me to my next point – the Video of the Week.

On that CD is a song called A Fair Judgement…a killer Opeth song and turns out it was pretty cool for grading papers along with the other “slow” songs on that CD.  Need I say more? Instead of doing this for the song of the week, I figured I would use it for the video because this live clip is so well-recorded and worth watching. Here is a live clip of that song from Opeth’s Lamentations DVD.  Have a great Week!