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56th Grammy’s Follow-Up

I guess it’s no surprise that Black Sabbath won.  It’s also no surprise, from what I read, that the metal category was not aired on TV.  It’s really a shame that metal just can’t seem to get any kind of real public recognition in America.  At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter, I suppose.  Europeans embrace the genre much more openly than America. Perhaps, that was one of the many reasons I really enjoyed living in England for a while.

According to our humble poll, those who voted thought Black Sabbath would or should win.  Dream Theater came in a close second, with Killswitch Engage and Volbeat evenly rounding out the rest of the votes.  Anthrax got no love.  One thing the poll doesn’t illustrate is whether or not you thought Black Sabbath “should” have won or you just thought they would.

I haven’t listened to the new Black Sabbath album much, but from what I read it was pretty well received.  Personally, based on the rest of the bands, once again it boiled down to popularity in my opinion.  Not that Black Sabbath doesn’t deserve to be awarded for their contributions to metal, but if any of those other bands had been given the award, I think (mostly) only metalheads would have known who they were.  So, imagine what the voting committee thinks?   I don’t think one needs to be a rocket scientist to know who Black Sabbath.  In hindsight it is kind of funny that the guy who bit the head off a dove won a Grammy.  There you have it.  At least the Grammy’s selected all metal bands unlike last year where Halestorm really just didn’t fit in with the rest of the pedigree.

Congrats Black Sabbath.