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America! F**k Yeah!!!!!

fyeahamerica-montageSo today is the 4th of July.  The day the whole world celebrate just how awesome the U.S.A. is and the citizens of the States celebrate their superiority in the world by getting rip-roaring drunk, eating their own weight in meat, buying explosives from other countries (mainly China), and blowing shit up.  It’s damn good time for all.  How do you celebrate the 4th of July in your country?

But in all seriousness the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the most loved holidays in the United States.  Families and friends get together and party hard in celebration of the day the States gained their independence from the British and marks the start to what is easily one of the most controversial countries in the world.  One thing I love about America is the deep and diverse culture we Americans have.  Having so many immigrants from so many different parts of the world has led to this mish mash of random mannerisms from other countries that lends its self to letting an American have a taste of the rest of the world without having to leave the country’s borders (which is a double-edged sword).  But the thing I love most about the States is the music.  Always a trendsetter in the aural entertainment market some of the most loved aspects of music originated in the States, like you know, the blues, which is the base of rock and roll and by proxy heavy metal.

Today I’m just going to brain fart out some songs and bands that make me think of the stars and strips, amber waves of grain, and sea to shining sea as well as other things love about the U.S.A.   Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Fuck Yeah!!!!

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Heavy Metal Movies (That Aren’t Documentaries)

trick-or-treat-08Like most people in the world, I too am also a big fan of movies.  A movie buff per sè.  Also being a metal head I like to keep my ear to the ground for any movie themed around my favorite style of music, and surprising enough, there are quite a lot of them.  The downside, the majority of heavy metal themed movies are documentaries.  While they are for the most part very good, documentaries aren’t my usual go to genre when I want to pop a flick on.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional documentary (really, if you haven’t seen Heavy Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey yet, make that first order of business), but works of fiction resonate with me more.  So in my many years of watching many films (with a particular taste for dumb as fuck and campy as hell slasher/horror flicks) I’ve built up a decent library, and surprisingly there are quite a few movies with heavy metal themes.

Here are some really great flicks to check out which all revolve around heavy metal in some way.  To not just become yet another replicated list on the internet I’m leaving off some of the most obvious choices since I would imagine that you readers have already seen them.  So if you haven’t yet seen the titular Heavy Metal, Wayne’s World, This is Spinal Tap, Hesher, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Airheads, The Pick of Destiny, Rock Star, and Detroit Rock City, all of those should be very high on your viewing list.  Here are some of the more ‘underground’ films you may have looked over…. Hope you like shitty slasher flicks (protip: many featured here can be found in full on Youtube 😉 )  If you know of any movies that are themed on heavy metal not featured in this list give them a shout out in the comments.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: Quake Meat by Astra and Voyage/Paralysis by Diagonal

space-hubble-2010_1622267iI haven’t done one of these in a while, sorry about that. I have however came across a couple of bands that really do fit the bill for my Heavy Metal Hippie moniker quite well. Stoner psychedelic hard prog rock. Just let that glorious genre name sink in a bit. Beautiful, isn’t it. You get the thick grooves of the Stoner genre, that ’60s/’70s classic feel with the Psychedelic and Prog, plus the edge of hard rock. Surely some kind of witchcraft. I totally love it. It’s like Camel, King Crimson, and Jefferson Airplane loaded up a spaceship with the contents of Hunter S. Thompson’s car trunk and their instruments and took a voyage into the far reaches of outer space.
Both of these bands share quite a similar sound going by the songs I’ve heard so far, where Astra tends to have vocals in their songs and Diagonal doesn’t. So if you’re in the mood for some tripped out music, give these bands a shot. Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: Of Blood and Salt by Gojira

SeaMonsterGodzilla2Not particularly a doom, stoner, or southern rock band, one can not deny Gojira’s contribution to Hippie Metal. You see a big characteristic of a ‘hippie’ is a love for the environment and also taking action to help improve it. Gojira does this in spades. Nearly all of their songs are themed around environmental issues and it’s member are all active in many groups focused on bettering our amazing Earth.
In 2011 Gojira recorded “Of Blood and Salt” for an EP that was to be released to raise funds for the Sea Shepard charity. Unfortunately some complications arose where they lost all their data for what they have recorded and vowed to rerecord the EP after their new album settled in. Recently Joe Duplantier reaffirmed that the Sea Shepherd EP wasn’t forgotten about and they would release it at a time when ‘it’s done’. Gojira come off as men of their words, so I would expect to hear the EP sometime in the future. Until then, you can listen to “Of Blood and Salt” while you brainstorm some ideas you can do to help the environment 🙂 Peace Love and Metal!!!

High Horse – XBox None

p3WmKtPSo, Microsoft has finally announced the successor to the XBox 360, the XBox One….  Well, after feeling quite disappointed with the direction my 360 has been going as of late, I can’t say I am very impressed by what has been said and revealed about this new console.  Basically, what I want in a console is something that plays games.  That’s it.  Turn it on, pop a game in, grab my controller, and play till the cows come home.  If you happen to be an owner of a 360 it’s pretty obvious that isn’t the direction Microsoft wants to go in.

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Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: White Storm of Teeth by The Devil’s Blood

2In case you haven’t noticed, I f’n love this band and am a bit chaffed that I ended up getting into them after they broke up. Sucks, I know. Lucky for me I still get to indulge in the excitement of a new release from the band even though I will never be able to catch one of those awesome live shows I’ve heard so much about.
The Devil’s Blood breakup happened while they were in the middle of recording their new album and they were pretty damn close to finishing the record when the split happened. Fortunately they weren’t going to let all the new music that they recorded go to waste, so what was completed was put together and now we have the record III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars.
I’ll probably not do a full review of the album, but will say it’s pretty damn good for being an unfinished work. There are many parts that need some smoothing out and some good editing on others, but as a whole, it is really enjoyable. It’s a shame because you can certainly hear that The Devil’s Blood were pushing themselves and not trying to just cut and paste the songwriting they established on their first album.
Anywho, my favorite track off the album is “White Storm of Teeth” and it has a heavy Tool feel to it, mainly in hypnotizing bass line. There’s also strong elements of Pink Floyd as well as that undeniable Devil’s Blood sound. Give the tune a listen and sound off what you think. Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: Attrition by Howl

19436235a2025467214b249199849lSometimes a heavy metal hippie needs a good injection of aggression in his hippie music (sometimes the reef runs out). So when a tune steeped in southern metal riffing, thundering drumming, and a dark and evil atmosphere comes along this hippie grins that hazy smile of his.
I have never heard of Howl until this weekend when I was playing follow the Youtube links and stumbled upon them. The killer riffing and the demonic vocals sold me on this band immediately as the came off feeling like a twisted crossbreed of High on Fire and Lamb of God. Damn great stuff and you should totally check them out cause King Hippie says so 🙂 Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Musings of a Heavy Metal Hippie: Gammal Krigare by Eldkraft

Wrath-of-the-Ents-treebeard-33433582-1600-959I consider myself a pretty big fan of fantasy, the kind with dragons, wizards, elves, goblins, etc. And among all the cool races and creatures from the various stories there is one type of creature I’ve always found myself fascinated with. That would be the Ents, or more commonly known as them walking trees from LOTR. There is just something about them that is so bad ass. Their huge, they’re all laid back, they are wise and in tune with nature, and when needed they can straight up fuck shit up. Flat out, the Ents rule. I also really dig forest druids a lot too. All in all, anything that has to do with the forest and woodland nature.
These type of creatures and characters are used too little and I feel are unappreciated in the fantasy realm, so them getting worked into the popular nerd culture doesn’t happen as often as I would like. And while there are tons of fantasy elements in many metal bands, a band that calls to mind the images of Ents is nearly nonexistent. Vintersorg maybe?
So when my ears caught wind of a band called Eldkraft and I popped the single in and scenes of a grove of trees headbanging and jamming on instruments made of moss and stone entered my mind, I was a bit more than ecstatic to want to delve into the band more. Unfortunately I have to wait a couple weeks more before I can do that since the single I heard is off of their debut record, Shaman, which is out on May 28. So until then I’ll just listen to this track a few or dozen more times. Check it out! Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: The Evangelist by Memory Garden

MG_band_newI really need to tip my to Metal Blade Records. For like forever they have been delivering some of the best metal albums throughout my career as a metalhead. Lately they’ve been taking a nice interest in doom metal and have been signing some pretty interesting bands (more on those in the coming days). So, thank you Metal Blade for pandering my demographic. Today’s band under the thumb was once signed to Metal Blade when they first started out, parted ways, and now they are back under the Metal Blade umbrella as they gear up to release a new collection of songs.
Memory Garden are a really hip and interesting band as they combine elements of doom metal with straight metal and power metal. It leads to quite the engaging listen as you get the fat grooves and riffing of doom, the melodic end of power metal, and vocals that bring both Ronnie James Dio and Messiah Marcolin to mind.
“The Evangelist” is off of the bands new 4th album Doomain and it is out now, and I must get my hands on a copy.  What say you?  Do you dig this track as much as me?  Interested in hearing more?  Sound off in the comments.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!