Album Review: Black Tusk – Pillars of Ash

0781676729425_300It’s been a while since Black Tusk’s EP Tend No Wounds graced the paged of A Metal State of Mind.  Somehow, I missed the 2014 EP, Vulture’s Eyes; it’s impossible to catch everything, right?  At least someone back me up on that.  So, here we are with Pillars of Ash, the first full album release since 2011. Was it worth the wait? Well, if you are into sludgy, hardcore-infused metal, then my short answer is yes.  Despite coming in at just 35 minutes, the album packs a punch that I am sure will be inspiring a frenzy of circle pits or at the very least, a few thrown chairs.

Pillars of Ash is consistently angst-ridden and dirty.  From beginning to end, there isn’t much give and take on the tempo variation.  The album is rhythmic, angry (hardcore), and unswerving.  Some songs standout such as Born of Strife for being fast-paced.  If God’s On Vacation doesn’t inspire crowd movement, I don’t know what will.  Still Not Well is a downright heavy…ugly song and I mean that with the utmost sincerity.  Punk Out has a punky bass intro and is heavy on the hardcore, but still retains a thrashy, sludgy feel.  Think, Biohazard, DRI, and Municipal Waste.

In the end, Black Tusk’s Pillars of Ash is a kick in the teeth.  While the album is short, it’s expected from the hardcore side of heavy metal.  Thrown in some low-tuned sludgy musicianship and you have a nice mix of things that will bring 35 minutes of joy to your life…or 70 minutes if you play through it twice.  Enjoy.

3.5 out of 5 

Tend No Wounds – EP Review

Album:  Pillars of Ash

Release Date:  29 Jan 2016

Label:  Relapse

Songs:  11

Length:  35 Minutes

Genre:  Hardcore / Sludge

Previous Albums:  The Fallen Kingdom (2007); Passage Through Purgatory (2008); Taste The Sin (2010); Set the Dial (2011).

Location:  Georgia, United States


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