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This is a catalogue listing rather than a typical Metal State post. One of our followers, MT, suggested I should post text listings of all the albums I featured in my Best of 2015 hit parades during the first two weeks of January.

I’m going to list many more than the 90 albums I ranked on Metal State… 167 albums, in fact. On Metal State I featured 50 metal albums and the top ten each from my prog rock, space & psychedelic rock, jazz & jazz-related, and “other music” hit parades. On other sites I posted longer lists of my non-metal selections. So here we go with my top 50 metal abums plus many honourable mentions; top 50 prog rock plus honourable mentions; top 20 space/psych rock; and the same top ten jazzy and “other music” lists as I posted on Metal State previously.

If any of the albums take your fancy, you obviously have your preferences about where to buy them. My route is usually to start looking for buying links on the band’s website or Facebook page because that’s presumably where they’ll make the most from album sales. After that I go to Bandcamp since I understand it pays a better share to the artists than some of the big commercial sites do. Otherwise it’s Amazon, iTunes or wherever the album happens to be on sale.

By the way, I work from home and I’m now semi-retired. I can listen to music about eight hours a day if I want to. That’s why I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to many hundreds of albums during the year and mark the ones I liked. I start making Best Of spreadsheets in January and fiddle with them as new music grabs me.

Top 50 Metal Albums

1. Thurisaz: The Pulse of Mourning (atmospheric black metal, Belgium)
2. Keep of Kalessin: Epistemology (thrash black metal, Norway)
3. Cattle Decapitation: The Anthropocene Extinction (death grind, USA)
4. Subterranean Masquerade: The Great Bazaar (experimental metal, USA)
5. Alkaloid: The Malkuth Grimoire (progressive death metal, Germany)
6. Mord’A’Stigmata: Our Hearts Slow Down (avant-garde black metal, Poland)
7. Plugs of Apocalypse: EAS (symphonic deathcore, Italy)
8. Kingcrow: Eidos (progressive metal, Italy)
9. Symphony X: Underworld (progressive metal, USA)
10. Rolo Tomassi: Grievances (experimental/jazz metal, UK)
11. Emma-O: Mechanical (death thrash metal, Switzerland)
12. Riverside: Love, Fear and the Time Machine (progressive metal, Poland)
13. Sigma Project: Reality Field (progressive metal, Brazil)
14. Dalriada: Áldás (folk metal, Hungary)
15. The Voynich Code: Ignotum (deathcore, Portugal)
16. Casket Soil: In The Gardens Of Vermin (progressive death metal, Finland)
17. Tanzwut: Freitag Der 13. (industrial metal, Germany)
18. Nightland: Obsession (melodic death metal, Italy)
19. Atrorum: Structurae (avant-garde black metal, Germany)
20. Vorna: Ei Valo Minua Seuraa (pagan metal, Finland)
21. Moonspell: Extinct (Gothic dark metal, Portugal)
22. 6:33: Deadly Scenes (experimental metal, France)
23. The Agonist: Eye of Providence (melodic death metal, USA)
24. Heidevolk: Velua (Viking metal, Netherlands)
25. Caligula’s Horse: Bloom (progressive metal, Australia)
26. Ascendia: The Lion and the Jester (progressive power metal, Canada)
27. Ecnephias: Ecnephias (Gothic metal, Italy)
28. Dislocation: Emancipation (progressive metal, Latvia)
29. Viper Solfa: Carving an Icon (dark metal, Norway)
30. My Silent Wake: Damnation Memoriae (doom death metal, UK)
31. Architects of Evolution: Global (deathcore, Australia)
32. Melted Space: The Great Lie (symphonic metal, France)
33. Finsterforst: Mach Dich Frei (folk metal, Germany)
34. Space Mirrors: Stella Polaris (psychedelic/space metal, Russia)
35. Meta-Stasis: The Paradox of Metanoia (technical death metal, Gibraltar)
36. Skyforger: Senprusija (folk black metal, Latvia)
37. Sonus Mortis: War Prophecy (symphonic dark metal, Ireland)
38. Stoned Jesus: The Harvest (stoner doom metal, Ukraine)
39. Wilderun: Sleep at the Edge of the Earth (folk metal, USA)
40. The Sword: High Country (stoner doom metal, USA)
41. Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches: Salem’s Wounds (occult experimental metal, USA)
42. Vanden Plas: Chronicles of the Immortals – Netherworld II (progressive metal, Germany)
43. Serial Hawk: Searching for Light (sludge doom metal, USA)
44. The Oath: Consequences (blackened experimental death metal, France)
45. Sadist: Hyaena (progressive death metal, Italy)
46. Nechochwen: Heart of Akamon (pagan folk metal, USA)
47. Northland: Downfall and Rebirth (folk death metal, Spain)
48. Amanita Virosa: Asystole (melodic death/black “hospital” metal)
49. Royal Thunder: Crooked Doors (heavy rock, USA)
50. Mistweaver: Nocturnal Bloodshed (melodic death metal, Spain)

51. Dead to a Dying World: Litany (blackened sludge/crust/doom, USA)
52. Spectral Darkwave: First Last Contact (symphonic death/doom metal, UK)
53. Soilwork: The Ride Majestic (melodic death metal, Sweden)
54. Scale The Summit: V (progressive metal, USA)
55. Draconian: Sovran (Gothic doom, Sweden)
56. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster: Wires/Dream\Wires (post metal, UK)
57. Between the Buried and Me: Coma Ecliptic (progressive death metal, USA)
58. Kamelot: Haven (melodic power metal, USA)
59. Sinners Moon: Atlantis (symphonic metal, Slovakia)
60. Queensrÿche: Condition Hüman (progressive heavy metal, USA)

Almost almost…
61. He Whose Ox Is Gored: The Camel, The Lion, The Child (progressive doomgaze, USA)
62. Fit for an Autopsy: Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell (deathcore, USA)
63. My Grimace: Grim Serenades (metalcore, Finland)
64. Wings of Thanatos: Dualism (melodic death metal, Australia)
65. Sylosis: Dormant Heart (death/thrash metal, UK)
66. Deville: Make it Belong to Us (stoner metal, Sweden)
67. Niburta: Reset (folk metalcore, Hungary)
68. Coal Chamber: Rivals (nu metal, USA)
69. Cradle Of Filth: Hammer of the Witches (Gothic black metal, UK)
70. Furor Gallico: Songs from the Earth (folk metal, Italy)
71. Dog Fashion Disco: Ad Nauseam (experimental metal, USA)
72. Dopethrone: Hochelaga (sludge metal, Canada)
73. Murdock: Dead Lung (mathcore, Ireland)
74. Vola: Inmazes (progressive metal, Denmark)

Top 50 by country…
Total number of countries in my top 50 list: 21
Most represented: USA (10); Germany (6); Italy (5)

Top 50 progressive Rock Albums

1. Big Big Train, Wassail (neo-progressive rock, UK)
2. Poire: Atlantis (progressive rock, Spain)
3. Spock’s Beard: The Oblivion Particle (symphonic progressive rock, USA)
4. Khatsaturjan: Beast, Machine & Man (symphonic progressive rock, Finland)
5. The Anagram Principle: Inventor (progressive rock, USA)
6. Seldon: Tutto a Memoria (Rock Progressivo Italiano, Italy)
7. Neo-Prophet: T.I.M.E (neo-progressive rock, Belgium)
8. Ashby: Fragmental (progressive rock, Germany)
9. Methexis: Suiciety (crossover progressive rock, Greece)
10. District 97: In Vaults (crossover progressive rock, USA)
11. Atlas Volt: Memento Mori (heavy progressive rock, Sweden)
12. Asfalto: Antología Casual (progressive rock, Spain)
13. Magic Pie: King for a Day (symphonic progressive rock, Norway)
14. Minimum Vital: Pavanes (eclectic progressive rock, France)
15. Transport Aerian: Darkblue (avant/RIO, Belgium)
16. Geof Whitely Project: Supernatural Casualty (progressive rock, UK)
17. Tim Bowness: Stupid Things that Mean the World (heavy progressive rock, UK)
18. The Dear Hunter: Act 4: Rebirth in Reprise (crossover progressive rock, USA)
19. Anekdoten: Until All The Ghosts Are Gone (heavy progressive rock, Sweden)
20. William W. Drake: Revere Reach (eclectic progressive rock, UK)
21. Steve Hackett: Wolflight (eclectic progressive rock, UK)
22. The Opposite of Hate: Beginnings (crossover progressive rock, Brazil)
23. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Plays Prog Rock Classics (orchestral classic progressive rock, UK)
24. La Coscienza di Zeno: La Notte Anche Di Giorno (Rock Progressivo Italiano, Italy)
25. Grand Détour: Tripalium (math rock, France)
26. Project Patchwork: Tales from a Hidden Dream (progressive rock, Germany)
27. Cailyn: Voyager (neo-classical symphonic progressive rock, Canada)
28. Solstice Coil: Commute (alternative progressive rock, Israel)
29. Beardfish: +4626-Comfortzone (neo-progressive rock, Sweden)
30. The Nightfall: Awakening (progressive rock, Hungary)
31. The Psychedelic Ensemble: The Sunstone (neo-progressive rock, USA)
32. Unreal City: Il Paese del Tramonto (Rock Progressivo Italiano, Italy)
33. Gazpacho: Molok (crossover progressive rock, Norway)
34. The Black Codex: Episodes 27-39 (eclectic progressive rock, Netherlands)
35. Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion: HFMC (crossover progressive rock, Sweden)
36. Salander: The Fragility of Innocence (crossover progressive rock, UK)
37. Grice: Alexandrine (art rock, UK)
38. Telergy: Hypatia (crossover progressive rock, USA)
39. Subsignal: The Beacons of Somewhere Sometime (neo-progressive rock, Germany)
40. Glass Hammer: The Breaking of the World (symphonic progressive rock, USA)
41. Karnataka: Secrets of Angels (progressive folk rock, UK)
42. M-Opus: 1975 Tryptich (classic-style progressive rock, Ireland)
43. Witchwood: Litanies from the Woods (Rock Progressivo Italiano, Italy)
44. Steven Wilson: Hand.Cannot.Erase (crossover progressive rock, UK)
45. The Nerve Institute: Fictions (crossover progressive rock, USA)
46. The Neal Morse Band: The Grand Experiment (symphonic progressive rock, USA)
47. Parzivals Eye: Defragment (neo-progressive rock, International)
48. The Tangent: A Spark in the Aether (eclectic progressive rock, International)
49. Ubi Major: Incanti Bio Meccanici (Rock Progressivo Italiano, Italy)
50. Bad Dreams: Apocalypse of the Mercy (progressive rock, Argentina)

51. Drifting Sun: Trip the Life Fantastic (progressive rock, International)
52. IZZ: Everlasting Instant (symphonic progressive rock, USA)
53. Circuline: Return (crossover progressive rock, USA)

Total number of countries in my top 50 list: 18
Most represented: USA (11); UK (10); Italy (5)

Top 20 Psychedelic & Space Rock Albums

1. PAUW: Macrocosm Microcosm (psychedelic rock, Netherlands)
2. Ghost: Meliora (psychedelic progressive rock, Sweden)
3. Ozric Tentacles: Technicians of the Sacred (space rock, UK)
4. Nik Turner: Space Fusion Odyssey (psychedelic space rock, UK)
5. Ecstatic Vision: Sonic Praise (heavy psychedelic rock, USA)
6. Strawberry Girls: American Graffiti (psychedelic groove, USA)
7. Mimes On Rollercoasters: 3 (psychedelic space rock, USA)
8. Spiralism: Chakras (atmospheric psychedelic rock, Finland)
9. Atavismo: Desintegración (experimental space rock, Spain)
10. Kayleth: Space Muffin (space rock, Italy)
11. DoctoR DooM: This Seed We Have Sown (psychedelic stoner rock, France)
12. Jess and the Ancient Ones: Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes (occult psychedelic rock, Finland)
13. Black Space Riders: Refugeeum (psychedelic space rock, Germany)
14. Nocturnalia: Above Below Within (psychedelic hard rock, Sweden)
15. The Exploding Eyes Orchestra: I (psychedelic occult rock, Finland)
16. O.R.k.: Inflamed Rides (psychedelic math rock, International)
17. Yuri Gagarin: At the Centre of all Infinity (space rock, Sweden)
18. Thee Oh Sees: Mutilator Defeated At Last (psychedelic garage rock, USA)
19. Out of the Earth: Out of the Earth (psychedelic stoner rock, Greece)
20. Lamp of the Universe: The Inner Light of Revelation (psychedelic Indo-prog/raga rock, New Zealand)

Total number of countries in my list: 11
Most represented: USA (4); Finland and Sweden (3 each)

Top 10 Jazz & Jazz-related Albums

1. Cassandra Wilson: Coming Forth by Day (classic jazz, USA)
2. John Zorn: Simulacrum (avant-garde jazz rock, USA)
3. Lauri Porra: Flyover (jazz-rock, Finland)
4. Snarky Puppy: Sylva (fusion jazz, USA)
5. Alco Frisbass: Alco Frisbass (eclectic jazz-prog fusion, France)
6. Gavin Harrison: Cheating the Polygraph (jazz-prog fusion, UK)
7. The Grand Astoria: The Mighty Few (psychedelic stoner jazz, Russia)
8. Jane Getter Premonition: ON (jazz-prog fusion, USA)
9. Morgan Ågren: Batterie Deluxe (jazz-rock, Sweden)
10. Crazy P: Walk Dance Talk Sing (electronic jazz/deep house, UK)

Most represented: USA (4)

Top 10 “Other Music” Albums

1. The Trousers: Mother of Illusion (indie/garage rock, Hungary)
2. Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss (folk darkwave, USA)
3. King Dude: Songs of Flesh and Blood (Luciferian neo-folk rock, USA)
4. Red Sun Rising: Polyester Zeal (alternative rock, USA)
5. Messer Chups: The Incredible Crocotiger (surf psychobilly, Russia)
6. Billy Currington: Little Bit of Everything (country music, USA)
7. Lycia: A Line that Connects (darkwave, USA)
8. Sassy Kraimspri: Cock Fight (punk rock, Norway)
9. The Decemberists: What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World (indie folk rock, USA)
10. Lucid Fly: Stasis (indie rock, USA)

Most represented: USA (7)

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