Mammal’s Best of 2015 – The Winners

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My heartiest congratulations go to the winners in all of my categories. So does my deep gratitude to all of the finalists and winners for making such great albums in an excellent year for all the types of modern music I love. To you good folks who’ve been following my hit parades, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of your picks included in my lists, and I hope you also found something new to explore.

Keep on rawkin’.


Metal: Top 5 countdown

05 Alkaloid5. Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire

Progressive death metal, Germany


04 Subterranean Masquerade4. Subterranean Masquerade – The Great Bazaar

Experimental metal, USA


03 Cattle Decapitation3. Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction

Death grind, USA


02 Keep of Kalessin2. Keep of Kalessin – Epistemology

Thrash black metal, Norway


01 Thurisaz1. Thurisaz – The Pulse of Mourning

Atmospheric black metal, Belgium


Progressive rock

01 Big Big Train1. Big Big Train – Wassail (EP)

Neo-progressive rock, UK


Psychedelic & space rock

01 PAUW1. PAUW – Macrocosm Microcosm

Psychedelic rock, Netherlands


Jazz & jazz-related

01 Cassandra Wilson1. Cassandra Wilson – Coming Forth by Day

Classic jazz, USA

Other music

01 The Trousers1. The Trousers – Mother of Illusion

Indie / garage rock, Hungary


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  1. please post an easy to read text only list with all the winners in each category (!)

    • ChristopherMammal

      With the greatest of pleasure, MT. I’ll do it tonight or tomorrow. Today I’m playing with wood and power tools. It’s great fun. The only problem is I can’t listen to much music while the noise from my hobby is disrupting the peace and quite in the neighbourhood.

    • ChristopherMammal

      Hey, MT. It’s been a Sunday kind of Sunday. I’ll post those text listings tomorrow.

  2. Wohoo, look at all the black metal and death metal you got at the top! You’re getting darker, I think 😉 Alkaloid is a great choice, it could have been on my list as well, if I had spent more time with it. Great job on the list, I haven’t had the chance to go through them all yet, but I’ve found many interesting releases now in all kinds of genres because of you. So thanks!

  3. ChristopherMammal

    I’m glad you enjoyed some of my selections, Irmelinis. May I call you Irmy? No, I’d better not, your attack-rabbits would hunt me down.

    What I’ve noticed happening in my musical choices as I become more ancient is that I’m becoming more bipolar. I’m leaning more and more towards prog rock that sounds like pure prog, and towards metal that is more uncompromisingly and unmistakably metal. I still love the “in-betweener” music that sounds like both prog metal and neo-prog rock, but I listen to less of it. That means less of the melodic prog metal, symphonic metal and other “softer” metal in my diet. The same is happening with classical music. I’m spending much more time with 19th century music than modern classical. Jazz… well, it’s always been its own beast, which suits me just fine.

    I must be going through my fourth childhood.

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