Mammal’s Best of 2015 – Part 8/10



Parrots dance to music they like. Few types of birds do. Parrots, however, move to music in ways they never move to anything else. They ignore slow beats, so there are few if any funeral doom parrots. If you want a dancing parrot, play speed metal. That gets them moshing, bobbing their heads up and down while they shuffle from side to side like goofed-out metalheads.

I mention this because I don’t have a parrot. If I get one I’ll call her Thrasher. If I can find a male to mate with her, she’ll hatch out metal chicks.

There are no parrot songs in my selections for today.



15 The Voynich Code15. The Voynich Code – Ignotum

Deathcore, Portugal


14 Dalriada14. Dalriada – Áldás

Folk metal, Hungary


13 Sigma Project13. Sigma Project – Reality Field

Progressive metal, Brazil


12 Riverside12. Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine

Progressive metal, Poland


11 Emma-O11. Emma-O – Mechanical

Death thrash metal, Switzerland


Progressive rock

03 Spock's Beard3. Spock’s Beard – The Oblivion Particle

Symphonic progressive rock, USA


Psychedelic & space rock

03 Ozric Tentacles3. Ozric Tentacles – Technicians Of The Sacred

Space rock, UK


Jazz & jazz-related

03 Lauri Porra3. Lauri Porra – Flyover

Jazz-rock, Finland


Other music

03 King Dude3. King Dude – Songs of Flesh and Blood

Luciferian neo-folk rock, USA



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